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Outstanding people
of the UK
Лицей № 95
8 A класс, Мусаева Н.Г.
г. Сочи, 2010 г.
Цель урока:
Создать условия для контроля
знаний учащихся через
систематизацию материала по
теме и коллективную творческую
деятельность в форме докладов и
Queen of Britain
Elizabeth II was born
April 21, 1926, London,
England queen of the
United Kingdom of
Great Britain and
Northern Ireland from
February 6, 1952.
Queen of Britain
Elizabeth II is known to favour simplicity in court
life and is also known to take a serious and
informed interest in government business, aside
from the traditional and ceremonial duties.
Privately she has become a keen horsewoman;
she keeps racehorses, frequently attends races,
and periodically visits the Kentucky stud farms in
the United States.
Her financial and property holdings have made her
one of the world's richest women.
Princess of Wales
born July 1, 1961, Sandringham,
Norfolk, England
died August 31, 1997, Paris,
Diana became
Lady Diana
Spencer when her
father succeeded
to the earldom in
On July 29,1981
she became the
Princess of Wales
Princess of Wales
On July 29, 1981, Diana and Prince Charles were
married in St. Paul's Cathedral in a globally
televised ceremony watched by an audience
numbering in the hundreds of millions. Their first
child, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales,
was born on June 21, 1982, and their second,
Prince Henry Charles Albert David, on September
15, 1984. Diana knew that the Price’s heart belong
to another woman – Camilla Parker Bowles. So
Diana was unhappy.
After the divorce, Diana maintained her high
public profile and continued many of the activities
she had earlier undertaken on behalf of charities.
She was a kind woman. She gave love to ordinary
people. She wanted to give them a part of her soul
The Great British persons
What British writers and poets do you
Do you know these men?
William Shakespeare
born April 1564
died 1616
William Shakespeare was
born in April 1564 in
Stratford-on-Avon. His
parents did not even guess
that their son would be
such an important figure in
English poetry and drama.
In 1599 the famous Globe
theatre was built on the
south bank of the river
Thames. In that theatre
most of his plays were
performed. In 1603 William
was the leading poet and
dramatist of his time.
Isaac Newton
Newton, one of th
greatest scientists of all
times was born in 1642
in the little village in
Lincolnshire, England
He studied mathematics at Cambridge
university and received his degree in 1665. Then
the university was closed because of the danger of
plague and Newton went home for eighteen
months. It was the most important period in his life
when he made three great discoveries the discoveries of the differential calculus, of the
nature of white light, and of the law of gravitation.
Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday is
one of the greatest
scientists. He was
born I a small village
near London on
September 11, 1791.
He made a name for
himself in the history
of electricity.
Michael Faraday was the creator of the
electric motor and caused the beginning
of the electrical age which changed the
face of the world.
What about celebrities?
Do you remember the outstanding
people of Britain?
What great persons of Britain of you
time can you name?
What books of British writers did you
Tell some words about them.
Make a report about one of them
Thank you for your work!
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