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Клуб интернациональной
дружбы учащихся лицея №32 г.
Белгорода, Россия и
школьников Англии из города
Кастлфорда. Руководитель
Литвиненко Т.В.
• Castleford is a town in the
county of West Yorkshire,
England, near to Pontefract
with a population of
approximately 40.000
people.To the north are the
river Calder, the river Aire and
the Aire and Calder
Navigation. To the west and
south is the M62 motorway.
• The town is the site of the
Roman army settlement of
Lagentium, also known as
Legioleum. The name of the
town is derived from this,
Castle (referring to the Roman
fort) and Ford (referring to the
river Aire which runs through
Castleford’s Life
The town started as a quiet
village, but between 1811 and
1891, its population increased
from 890 to 14,000,due to the
Industrial Revolution. Many
people worked in coal mines and
in the glass-making, chemical and
textile industries.
The famous sculptor Henry
Moore was born in Castleford ,the
son of a miner; some of his works
can be seen at the Yorkshire
Sculpture Park at Bretton.
Castleford’s favourite sport is
Rugby League. The local team,
Castleford Tigers, is in the
Meet Airedale High School
Our pen-friends study at the
Airedale High School. It is in
Castleford. Students are proud of
their school and teachers. Their
favourite subjects are Science,
Maths, French, Design and
Technology, Home Economics, Art,
School offers Vocational courses
covering Engineering,
Manufacturing, Media Studies,
Performing Arts, Information and
Communication Technology. These
courses give students the
opportunity to study a wider range
of subjects and to see how their
studies relate to future
employment. School gives
students a good chance to be
involved in Business
organizations. Students visit
companies specializing in the
areas being studied.
There are a lot of clubs at Airedale High
School. Students are fond of
dancing, jazz, arts, singing,
theatre. Often they held
Presentation Evenings with plenty of
entertainment from students with
poetry reading, break dancing,
theatre , shows.
Airedale High School organized a fund
raiser for «Children in Need». The
main event was an auction with items
donated from Castleford’s companies
and individuals. These ranged from
children’s games to stereos and
paintings from local artist Harry
Malkin. It was a tremendous success.
They raised a great sum of money for
During summer holidays students with
teachers often make trips to
different cities or countries
abroad. Last year they enjoyed the
beaches in Italy, the sites of
Venice and Verona.
On Sundays students visit Creative
subjects at Arts College where they
study Art, Media Studies, Music,
Drama and Dance.
The school issues its own magazine where
one can read about school events,
students’ achievements in studies
and sports, information about
entertainments and reviews.
Let me introduce Bethany Gordon .
She thinks it’s great to have a pen-pall
from Russia. She has a lot of friends
.Beth is fond of animals, she has got 3
dogs. Her favourite subjects are Maths
and Arts.
Meet Ashley Kwil. He is in the 7 grade
.His hobbies are playing the guitar,
making comics and web-sites, he
enjoys Internet. Ashley is fond of
computer games. His favourite music
is punk-rock. He has 3 dogs.
Meet Jessica Darwell .She is 13 years
old. We can send letters to her e-mail
address. She has got a dog Ross and
8 fish. Jess is fond of rock music.
Bev also has a pen-pall from our
Lyceum. She is 13 years old . She
enjoys playing football and her team is
called «White Rose Ladies». Bev
writes that it ’good to have friendship
with Russia
All our English friends draw pictures in
their letters, send their photos, coins
,stamps, bracelets and rings as
presents for us.
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