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Madame Tussauds is a
wax museum in London.
It was founded by wax
sculptor Marie
Tussaud in 1835 and
was known as "Madame
Tussaud's", but the
apostrophe is no
longer used. Madame
Tussauds is a major
tourist attraction in
London, displaying
waxworks of
historical and royal
figures, film stars,
sports stars and
famous murderers.
Musem is located in the center of
London on the Marylebone Road.
The Museum of the Moving
Image (MOMI) was a museum
of the history of
technology and media. MOMI
was opened on 15
September 1988 by Prince
Charles and became an
instant international hit
and winning 18 awards.
MOMI was closed in 1999. It
was reopened on 14 March
2007, as part of National
Film Theatre complex
The museum was located below
Waterloo Bridge on the South Bank
of the River Thames.
London Royal Parks
The Royal Parks of London are
lands originally owned by the
monarchy of the United Kingdom
for the recreation (mostly
hunting) of the royal family. They
are part of the hereditary
possessions of the Crown.
London Royal Parks
There are today eight parks
formally described by this
name and they cover almost
2,000 hectares (4,900 acres) of
land in Greater London.
Richmond Park
Green Park
Hyde Park
Kensington Gardens
Bushy Park
St James’s Park
Regent's Park
Greenwich Park
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