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1C Rarus Company
Brief overview of the company, our
services and activities
Слайд 1
About 1C company
1C Company is widely known in CIS as a developer of 1C:Enterprise,
business automation software.
1C strategy is based on a community of 5300 partners in 570 cities of
Germany, the former USSR countries, Romania, Bulgaria, China etc.
More than 1 000 000 Companies as official users receive regular software
and methodological updates from 1C and its partners
1C staff received The Government of the Russian Federation Award in
the field of science and technology for the development of 1C:Enterprise
Слайд 2
1C-Rarus Company overview
1C-Rarus is a Joint Stock Venture of 1C and Rarus Companies begins
operation in 1995
Rarus experience in 1C:Enterprise system customization is 15 years
Moscow Head office, Branches in Velikiy Novgorod, Irkutsk,
St-Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ryazan, Kazan’, Sochi (Russia).
Branches in Germany, Ukrain (Kiev and Sevastopol), Bulgaria (Sofia)
More than 750 employees including 550 certified experts
The company specializes in sales and service of 1C and own products:
Customers Automation based upon 1C: Enterprise platform
1C: Franchising – 1C: Enterprise implementation and support
1C: Authorized Training Center
1C: Distribution – more than 200 partners
Development, Distribution, Implementation and Support of our own Solutions for
wide range of industries
System Integration – Servers, Computers and Network solutions of
1C-Rarus and renowned World Brands
Слайд 3
Our achievements in the field of
business automation (success
story, business solutions for various
business purposes)
Слайд 4
Success Story
Слайд 5
IFRS/US GAAP translation success stories
CORELAB (owner of Saybolt trademark in
1C Enterprise 8.1 with Russian GAAP and
translation to US GAAP. Interface with
ORACLE System in Huston Head Quarters.
Double Calendar with auditor trace
1C Enterprise 8.1 with Russian GAAP and
translation to US GAAP. Interface with
Corporate System.
1C Enterprise 8.1 with Russian GAAP and
translation to US GAAP. Interface with
Corporate System.
Double Calendar with auditor trace
Слайд 6
Business Application Software
More than 50 ready own Business Solutions
created by our own development staff
50 000 Customers since 1994
Since 2001 1C-Rarus Company is ISO 9001:2000
Internationalization: 1C-Rarus branches in
Ukraine, Germany and Bulgaria
Help Desk support: 10.00-18.00
Слайд 7
Basic features of 1C:Enterprise 8
Benefits for corporate use
Слайд 8
“1C: Enterprise 8” values
ERP Functionality
New state of the art technology and database
Capability of work with big amount of items
Automated Interface with other systems
Слайд 9
“1C: Enterprise 8” values
1C:Enterprise 8 is a framework with
created on the basis of the new V8
Customization level
Business Applications level
V8 Platform
Слайд 10
General Features of the system
Multiple languages:
The localization support of 1C:Enterprise platform allows
using various interface languages. Besides, there are
means for international data/time/numbers
representation and written form for numbers and periods
Слайд 11
General Features of the system
Dual accounting currency
System supports download reports to Excel
Reporting is user friendly
Customizable business application
Users can make settings of most reports
Слайд 12
Graphic User Interface
Standard 1C: Enterprise 8 Corporate Finance
Management supplying with Russian interface
Interface in English will be customized based on
Business requirements according technical
Based on our experience localization applied not
for all business application but some of menu,
reports, documents and references.
1C: Enterprise Configuration supports mixed or
separate English/Russian interfaces for various
Слайд 13
Advantages of 1C system
The application is easy to configure and develop;
The implementation of various solutions takes shorter
periods of time;
Availability of 1C Certified personnel on the market;
1C partners and 1C-Rarus provide various support and
implementation in Russia, Germany, Europe and CIS
91% * of companies in Russia and the CIS are using 1C
products (i.e. over 1 000 000 companies)
* Independent market analytics According to independent agencies, 1C share In Russian –
market of accounting software is about 91% all over the country (VCIOM and
TNS/Gallup in upper diagrams) and 82-84% in the biggest cities. The question was
“What accounting software does your company use?” %, April 2006
Слайд 14
About Nokia and Caterpillar project.
Brief overview of the customer’s
and achieved results
Слайд 15
The 1C-Rarus team installed point of sale terminals running “1C: Retail”
software at Nokia’s flagship store in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The 1C-Rarus team had successfully implemented the following important
•Customized the Application to Customer’s specific requirements;
•Developed the data exchange with SAP system interfaces;
•Installed “1C”software and the Application and provided remote access to it;
•Implemented staff trainings and continued providing tech support and
consulting services;
•Prepared detailed documentation, including user guides, to make the
system easy to use.
Слайд 16
Russian trade subsidiary of Global Industrial
company, with hundreds of locations worldwide
that produce Industrial machines and Equipment
For more than 2 years after Go Live, 1C-Rarus has
been Maintenance the SW & HW System
infrastructure for Trade and Accounting automation
of Cat® CIS, has helped drive accounting and
management reporting.
Caterpillar Company has confirmed reference visit
in Moscow office. Please arrange time of meeting
two days prior planned date of visit.
Слайд 17
Thank you for your attention!
Evgeny Dokuchaev
Mob. +7 903 119 48 96
Tel. +7 495 250 63 83 ext. 42-41
Fax +7 495 250 63 93
Adress: 15-5, Chayanova str., Moscow, Russia
Skype: rarus-doke
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