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Healthy Living
Цель урока:создание нравственных и образовательных воспитывающих
ситуаций на уроке через совершенствование умений и навыков общения.
What is the subject of the lesson?
Are these positive or negotive factors of health?.
Give the titles to columns in different grammar structure
•Strong tea
•No walks
•No swimVing
•No running
What are positive factors about health?
What are popular ways to lose weight and avoid gaining it ?
• Cut out snacks and desserts - 42%
• Eat less of everything - 37%
• Exercise more -32%
• Cut down on fat -32%
• Do not eat at night -29%
• Eat more fruit and vegetables - 20%
• Use low-calories food -12%
• Eat less red meat -19%
• Count calories -19%
Follow a diet -1%
Make up a dialogue using the following:
……….You should+verb …………
The English afternoon tea
Rewrite these facts in Present Perfect Continuous so that
mean the same
• The first tea was imported from China.
• The British first tasted tea in about 1650.
• The English custom of afternoon tea goes
back to the late 18th century when the wife
of the duke of Bedford decided that she
needed tea and cakes to bring back her
strength around 5 p. m.
• The British drink about 4 kilos a head or
1650 cups of tea a year
Myth or scientific facts
• Onion is good for nerves
• Milk strengthens your bones
• Garlic prevents heart
• Carrots are good for your eyesight
• Banana is good for your muscles
• Cranberry helps soothe your tired
• Cabbage may help prevent the
development of cancer
• Green tea protect your teeth
Bad habitsSmoking, drinking alcohol , taking drugs :
What measures to
take against bad
a cough
To put into prison for
teeth yellow
The whole family
To sack from school for
skin unhealthy
The people around you
To take money for
Hair smell
Your knowledge
To ban……
Clothes smell
Your social control
A headache
Blood diseases
in offices
Brain deases
On the
Heart deases
On buses
Slow reactions
Loss of memory
In TV and radio
At schools
Speech unclear
Brain centres sleep
I have invited :
A drug doctor ,
A militiaman ,
A GP doctor
To our lesson . You may ask them
Questions about the influence of
bad habits on your health.
Imagine to yourself that you are the head of the town .
What would you do to prevent our children from
smoking, drinking alcohol , taking drugs ?
Если бы я был(а) главой города, я бы организовал(а) бесплатные
компьюторные клубы.
………открыл(а) бы больше бесплатных музыкальных студий.
………создал(а) бы больше спортивных клубов , стадионов, площадок.
……..запретил бы азартные игры.
…….предоставил(а) бы оплачиваемые рабочие места
Using the phrase- If I WERE YOU, I WOULD + глагол(настоящее время)……
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