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Соловьева Е.Ф. учитель

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Соловьева Е.Ф.
учитель английского языка МОУ «Гимназия №7»
Дополнительный материал к
учебнику О.В. Афанасьевой
«Английский в фокусе» 10 класс.
Модуль 1.
I enjoy making things because I’m ____person.
John is always angry and ____.
The dog next door bars all the time. It’s _____.
Don’t be so______and try to think of others for a change.
You are just too ------. You shouldn’t believe everything people
tell you.
Thanks for your support. You are such a-------friend.
He is happy one minute and sad the next. He’s so------.
She lies a lot. She’s a very--------person.
You can’t have it all for yourself. Stop being -----.
She always says unkind things tome. She is so-----.
I can’t stand shopping and I couldn’t care less about------.
Extreme sports are my---.
Модуль 2.
I often _______ money to my sister but she hardly ever _______
me back.
He is always buying things that _______ a lot.
Don’t _______ your money on silly little things.
He really enjoys his job because he _______ very much.
He _______ most of his money last weekend at the fair.
I would like to _______ this cheque please.
My parents give me _______ every week.
Many teenagers _______ to pay for all the things they want.
He can’t _______ yet spend a lot of money.
Some people are working two jobs to _______ this days.
I pay for my rent and my _______ loan.
Модуль 3.
A school for only boys or only girls (______________)
A school for boys and girls (______________)
A school owned by the government (______________)
A school which students live in during school term (______________)
A school you usually have to pay to go to (______________)
A school students go to become actors (______________)
Every one _______ in the school project.
My uncle is a pilot. He is in the _______ forces.
Do you have any _______ as a waitress.
He has _______ for the position of secretary.
My sister works from home. She is a _______ .
Security guard is _______ job.
He can’t be a fisherman because he has _______
Модуль 4.
Make sure you _______ all the lights before you leave.
Don’t _______ those glass bottles.
We need to_______ the engine so the car runs properly.
You can put things that _______ , like vegetable peelings, onto
the _______ heap.
One man’s _______ is another man’s treasure.
We have to find ways to decrease carbon dioxide _______ .
We should protect the wild life _______ in the areas we live.
The local zoo runs a conservation _______ for endangered
_______ species, _______ life style, _______ certificate,
_______ station, _______ worming.
Модуль 5
I have a _______ that explains the details of the holyday.
The town celebrates spring with an _______.
We tasted some of the _______ when we travelled to Africa.
The passengers had to wait for hours because of a _______ .
We went for a walk in a beautiful area and saw some _______.
We were in Egypt and visited the ruins of an _______.
We watched a beautiful candlelit _______.
Our holyday package offered a daily tracking _______.
Take coat it’s quite _______ outside.
Модуль 6
Taking _______ can keep you in good shape.
Would you like some _______ cheese on your pasta.
I want to buy a local _______ book and try cooking some of the
She likes to eat _______ meals as part of her healthy life style.
_______ chicken is healthier then fried.
I’m really hungry my tummy is _______.
Carrots are good for your _______ because they contain vitamin
He took a _______ of peanuts.
She often takes a _______ bath after a long day.
Модуль 7
After school she likes to _______ by listening
to music
I couldn’t finish reading this _______ book
He has _______ ten seats for the show.
My grandmother believes in ghosts. She is
very _______ .
_______ opera, _______ potato, _______
effects, _______dancers, _______ seller,
_______ tune, _______ story line.
Модуль 8
Make sure the battery in your camera is fully _______ .
He has a lot of friends and a very active _______.
I can leave a message on you voice _______ .
The quality of _______ pictures is improving all the time.
I have every new gadget. I’m _______ .
This digital _______ is no longer under _______ .
I’m totally _______ on my play station.
Her _______ allows to store all the information in files.
You can use the _______ on your computers to edit your home
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