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The capital of Great Britain
London is the capital
of Great Britain, its
political, economic,
commercial and
cultural centre. It is
one of the largest
cities in the world
and in Europe.
London is on a
zero meridian. The
population is more
than eight million
people that puts a city
on the twenty first
place in the world, the
second - in Europe,
and the first - in the
European Union
countries and in Great
Britain. The London
underground is the
oldest in the world.
There is an
Heathrow airport, one
of the world's largest,
a river port on the
river Thames and
many other celebrated
places in the city.
There is a parliament,
the government and
the justice supreme
organs in London.
There are 378 000
students in London, about half
of them study at London
University which is the largest
in Great Britain. It includes
twenty colleges and a number
of institutes. Other large high
schools are the London
University Underground,
Westminster University,
University of East London,
University Middlesex, City
University, New-Londoncollege.
Magnificence of London is created by city parks,
and also various monuments of culture and
Magnificence- великолепие
Trafalgar square is the main square in
the country and in the capital. All distances
in the country are measured from it. The
square is decorated with a 45 metres
column, on its top you can see a figure of
admiral Nelson.
The Tower is a gloomy
fortress on the bank of
the Thames. Now here
there is the collection of
the fighting weapon,
collections of treasures
of the British Crown.
There are attires for
crowning, elegant
clothes of knightly
awards and crowns. A
crown is a headdress, a
work of art. The queen
puts on her crown only
at the parliament
Big Ben is one of
London. Big Ben is the
name of the tower and the
clock situated on it. The
sound of the clock is
considered to be a symbol
of Great Britain. This clock
is considered to be one of
the most exact clocks.
One of the most
recognised sights and
one of the largest big
wheels in the world is
the London eye.
From the height of
135 metres
(approximately 45
floors) one can
practically see the
whole city.
Sight - достопримечательность
London traditions
Changing of the guard at a royal Buckingham
palace is one of the most popular London
Ceremony keys. Every
evening the main guard of
a Tower leaves the gate
with the lighted lantern
and goes together with an
honourable escort to the
Bloody Tower, then locks
the Western gate and the
Average tower. And, at
last, all the procession
moves back to the Bloody
Tower which gate has
already a sentry.
Honourable - почетный
Royal cannon salutes
are made in special
cases which are the
days of the introduction
of the queen on a
throne, the birthday of
the queen, a day of
crowning, the birthday
of the duke of
Introduction - вступление
The festival of the
Thames includes
smart torch
procession, fairs,
fireworks and
Torch - факел
The London
theatres of classical
music are widely
known in the world: the
well-known Royal
Opera theatre in
Covent Garden, Royal
Albert-hall, Elizabeth II
Theatre. Among
theclassical theatres it
is necessary to note
the National Theatre
and the Theatre at a
Royal Court yard.
There are more than 30
museums among which are
especially popular the British
museum of, history London,
a charming museum of the
children's toys, madame
Tussauds well-known Wax
museum, the Tate Gallery,
and others in London.
Madame Tussauds Wax museum
There you are expected to
meet not only with members of
royal family, with pop stars,
but also with sorrow-known
famous persons, and in the
room of Horror - with the
In the museum there are
more than 1000 figures of
outstanding figures of policy,
arts, outstanding commanders
and great scientists. Sounds,
smells and moving figures
create additional sensations.
The Tate Gallery
This Gallery is an art
museum in London, the
largest in the world
collection of English art of
the XVI—XX centuries.
There are more than 60
thousand works of art:
paintings, sculptures,
drawings, engravings. The
basis of the collection of the
gallery is a private collection
of sir Henry Tate, the
founder of the Gallery .
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