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Образовательная: формировать социокультурный аспект
Развивающая: совершенствовать языковые и
лингвистические навыки, прививать умение
индивидуальной, поисковой, самостоятельной работы
Воспитательная: воспитать чувство патриотизма,
Is 2011 year jubilee for intellectual Russia?
2011 – is devoted to chemistry. On the 19th of November will 300
years of M. V. Lomonosov birthday .The minister of Foreign
Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov by governments initiative with
offer to declare 2011 year – the year of Chemistry. So was born
this holiday.
And United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization on the 5th of November 2011 determined this as a
holiday of world culture.
Mikhail Lomonosov was born in 1711 in the family of a fisherman
in the northern coastal village of Denisovka not far from
Archangelsk. When he was ten years of age his father began to
take him sea fishing. The dangerous life of a fisherman taught
him to observe the natural phenomena more closely. During
the long winter nights young Lomonosov studied his letters,
grammar and arithmetic diligently.
Being the son of a peasant, he was refused admission to the local
school. After some years, through concealing his peasant origin,
he gained admission to the Slavonic-Greek-Latin Academy
and for five years lived a hand-to-mouth existence on three
kopecks a day. The noblemen’s sons studying with him made
fun of the twenty-year-old giant who, in spite of the jeers and
his own poverty, made rapid progress.
After five years came the chance of entering the Academy of
Sciences, as there were not enough noble-born students to fill the
quota. His ability and diligence attracted the attention of the
professors and as one of three best students he was sent
abroad. He spent all the time there studying the works of
leading European scientists in chemistry, metallurgy, mining
and mathematics. On his return to Russia in 1745 he was made
a professor and was the first Russian scientist to become a
member of the Academy of Sciences.
When a boy he didn’t go to school as there were no school where
he lived. Instead he studied Russian grammar and arithmetic
on his own while helping fisherman at sea. In 1730 young
Mikhail went to Moscow to get a regular education. In 1731 he
became an academy student. He made wonderful progress
and in 1731 won a scholarship to University of Marburg,
Germany. There he worked in the field of sciences and also
wrote lyric poetry.
In 1745 he returned to Saint Petersburg and was appointed
professor of chemistry at the Academy of Sciences. Working
there he organized a laboratory and made a lot of discoveries
in chemistry and physics. He is also known as a reformer of
the Russian language and a contributor to Russian
literature. In 1757 he became a councillor of Moscow
University which he had helped to found.
For versatility Lomonosov has no equal in Russian science. Many
of his ideas and discoveries only won recognition in the
nineteenth century. He was the first to discover the vegetable
origin of coal, for instance, and as a poet and scientist he
played a great role in the formation of the Russian literary
language, eliminating distortions and unnecessary foreign
words. He died in 1765. His living memorial is the Moscow
University, which he founded in 1755.
M. Lomonosov made a great contribution in development of
chemical science in Russia. Sarkisov – the academician,
professor, Doctor of Technical Science, president of Russian
University named after Mendeleyev says: ‘ The motto for
chemists: To achieve and excel. All Russia produces production
for 42 milliard dollars, but one German firm ‘ Buyer’ for 60
milliard dollars. During this year will be created many
separate groups, relations. Now it is Renaissance of Chemistry
in Russia.’
2011 is famous for its jubilees. It is called the international year
of chemistry.
-- 300 years of lomonosov’s birthday.
-- 100 years of the first international Union of chemists.
-- 100 years since Mary Curie got Nobel Prize for exploration of
radium and polonium.
And also other facts in Russia connected with 300 hundred:
-- on the 28 of February was 300 years of Lipetsk.
-- on the 10th of February the citizens of hero city Tula celebrated
3oo years of weapon production.
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