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Всероссийский конкурс
«Space Tourist
работы наших учащихся
учитель:Горячева Елена
Маскаев Павел ,4Б класс
Timex planet.
It is in Betelgeyze system, which there is at 25 parsecs
from Sun System, and has 2 stars: Betelgeyze – A and
Betelgeyze – B. As Earle Timex has the part of the atmosphere.
On this planet there are the animals – Brises.
Around the planet
there is a gas ring, which
gave it’s qadroamiatine –
gas, which needs for life of
brises. The biggest part of
the planet is covered by
water, but there is a
volcano in the center of
the Timex.
Look, this is a graphic
of Timex:
Михайлов Никита, 4 Б
Somewhere far-far on the underside of an orange
galaxy there is a planet of Myrliandiya. It’s very
beautiful: from space it is similar like a huge tangerine.
Initially the planet was colorless. There are small
growth little men - myrlyaki. They were born with
unusual brushes and paint a planet and everything that
grows and appears on it. Myrlyaki are kind, tender and
amicable. Every day they work and do the planet more
beautiful and better.
Селезнев Дима, 4 Б
The Planet of angels
The planet of angels is the greatest planet in the
Universe. It’s in the galaxy Omega. The inhabitants of
a planet of Angels have wings. Wings of the
inhabitants are multi-colored: yellow, red, blue, in a
strip, a section, a floret, a rainbow, and zigzags,
therefore they are very beautiful. The inhabitants of a
planet of angels are very kind and hardworking. There
are no wars on this planet; there is no weapon, bombs.
It is the purest planet in the Universe because
inhabitants observe hygiene.
Халатян Гаяне, 4Б
My Planet
On my plane there are plenty of interesting people. All of these are
individual personalities. Beside of them have their own individual.
One of them difference their nationality, and in this connection
beside each nationalities its traditional cloths, its national language,
tradition, customs. But not review on all this we all were united in
one beautiful, greater planet, and we manage to understand each
other. I think that the life on such planet is very interesting!
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