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Rule Book June 2014 Update briefing (PPT 6.00 MB)

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Rule Book changes
Rules changes – June 2014
Network Operations National Briefing Team
Version 2 23/09/13
Key to roles & responsibilities
• Role icons have been provided on all slides to suggest
relevance to individual roles who may be affected by the
June 2014 Rule Book changes
ALL Relevant to all staff (if only for awareness)
Electrified lines
PoSA Proceed on Sight Authority
Level Crossings
The purpose of this briefing is to give an overview
of the changes to the Rule Book in June 2014
This briefing does not contain ALL changes but
those considered to have an effect on the way the
workforce carry out their duties.
This briefing should be tailored to fit the
requirements of individual roles &
Tuesday, 23
September 2014
Summary of changes
• Since the last tranche of the �New Approach to the Rule
Book’ was released in December 2013 there is minimal
change expected in the near future.
• Following 12 monthly reviews of each Tranche of the �New
Approach’ minor changes may be required.
• June 2014 sees the integration of rules currently contained
in the AM Module and the inclusion of OD level crossing
Tuesday, 23
September 2014
National Operating Instructions
As information is being stripped out of
the RSSB rule book, Network Rail is
reviewing all the deletions and many
of the items considered by the RSSB
as a matter for competence
management & training or company
instructions will be available in the
National Operating Instructions
Click on the front cover to view the
changes to the NOIs
Changes arising from the abolition
of the Amendments (AM) Module
AM Module withdrawal impact
• From June 2014 you will no longer be issued with an AM
�Why? What does this mean?
How will this affect you?’
• Consequence - Although there will be nothing new from the
AM module the purpose is to check general awareness of
the content which will be moved into the relevant modules.
• 12 modules affected - reissued
AM Module - Amendments
T10 – Duties of a DP & people working on rail
TW8 –Level crossings- drivers’ instructions
No signaller role relevance
Tuesday, 23
September 2014
Click on a module title page for details
Changes arising from the
introduction of the instructions
relating to Obstacle Detector (OD)
Level crossings
OD level crossings - impact
• Introduction of OD LC instructions to Rule Book
• Which modules will this affect?
• The majority of changes are only to incorporate the
introduction of OD LCs
OD LC related changes
• Many title and reference changes made to
accommodate new OD LC
• �Manned LC’ renamed �controlled LC’
• TW7 - OD LC inclusion to new section in 4.2
• TW8 2.2 carrying out signaller’s
instructions – reworded to accommodate
• PoSA Proceed-on-sight authority
• HB 18 Duties of a level crossing attendant
• TS9 Level Crossings-Signallers’ instructions
Other changes
• Handbook 8 IWA, COSS or PC blocking a line &
TS1 13.2 IWA, COSS or PC blocking a line
– TS1 13.2.2 Agreeing the arrangements
• TS1 13.2 IWA, COSS or PC blocking a line
– TS1 13.2.4 Use of EPRs as additional protection
• TS2 3.3 Permissive working
• Handbooks 6 & 7 Sighting charts added
TS1 13.2.2 & Handbook 8 1.2
Clarification of change
TS1 13.2.2 & Handbook 8 1.2
- Agreeing the arrangements
Current text (TS1 issue 7 Dec ’12 & Handbook 8 issue 2) “ which signals will be kept at danger to protect the activity”
New text (TS1 issue 8 June ’14 & Handbook 8 issue 3)-
“which signal will be the protecting signal”
• Following industry consultation it has been agreed to maintain
the current wording in TS1 issue 7 (Dec ’12)
• Instructions relating to the cancellation of the proposed issue 8
wording will be published in the PON
TS1 13.2.4 Additional protection
13.2.4 Additional protection
You must agree with the IWA,COSS or PC which of the following
additional protection methods will be used.
• Applying engineering possession reminders (EPR)
TS2 3.3 Permissive Working
3.3.2 Types of permissive working -Platform lines
• Inclusion of following text - “Any class of train formed only of
MPV vehicles when operating as a railhead treatment or
inspection train” (issue 3 June �14)
• In addition to this change it has been agreed nationally via a
deviation that all MPVs may work under permissive platform
arrangements except:
• An MPV carrying out any activity which makes it OOG
• An MPV hauling any freight vehicles
• These arrangements will be published in the PON until the rule
book module is next up dated
Handbooks 6 & 7 Sighting charts
Attendance to this briefing does not remove your personal
responsibility to ensure that you are fully conversant with
any rules changes affecting your role
This briefing is intended to alert you to some of the
proposed rules changes that might change the way you
carry out your duties
This briefing will be available via Academy for you to
access at any time
Any questions?
Tuesday, 23
September 2014
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