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Closing Record Book

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Closing SAE Record Books & Completing
State FFA Degree Applications
Closing SAE Record Books
Closing SAE Record Books begins with teaching
good record keeping
Next, you must help the students keep them upto-date.
– Make a scheduled time each month for FFA
members to update their record books
– Give them a grade each nine weeks for having their
record books up-to-date. (include this in your
Closing SAE Record Books
Closing record books can be done in a couple of
– Close them out as a class. Each student will follow
your step-by-step instructions.
– Close them out as a group after school or at a
special scheduled activity. This way you have
control of each step and only deal with those who
have appropriate record books.
– I would not recommend you let the students close
record books on their own at home. The key is for
you to monitor each step.
Closing SAE Record Books
Begin the process by having the current record book
completed with all entries posted.
Next, complete name and dates are on the front cover.
Completing the personal information on page 3 is
Have the students total the next sections by column and
then as a summary total at the end of the section. (Total
the Exhibition page and transfer total before totaling the
Sales and Income page)
Closing SAE Record Books
Once you have totaled all sections, the next step
is to transfer the totals to the summary pages.
(these begin on pg 39 of record book)
Transfer by enterprise and total
Follow the instructions as directed on the
summary pages (lead the students through each
Closing SAE Record Books
Final step – Checking the record book (this will
should be done by the instructor)
– Make a checklist to use for each student’s book.
After you check the book, include the completed
checklist in the record book before you store them.
– It is wise for you to store or file the closed record
books in a place where only you have access. This
will eliminate losing closed record books.
– Your Final All Day Report can then be completed
using the record book summary pages.
Completing the State FFA Degree Application
You need to be aware that the State FFA Degree
Application and the American FFA Degree Application
are the same.
The numbers from the SAE Record Book will transfer
directly to the application
It is suggested that you do a pencil copy before you
input into the computer. (this will save you from getting
confused) Only pages 1,2,3,5,6,7,8a,9,10,11 & 12 are
Completing the State FFA Degree Application
Step 1 - is to complete the personal information
on page 1.
Step 2 – complete the scope and description by
year using the scope pages in the record book.
(page 37 of the record book)
Step 3 – Complete the Wage Earning sections,
by year, using pages 23-26 of the record book.
Completing the State FFA Degree Application
Step 4 – Complete “Candidates Inventory Statement on
pages 5,6 & 7 using the ending inventory (pg 33-36) of
the final record book.
– Step 4a – you will have to label the items in the ending
inventory of the final record book with the categories listed on
the application. (current & non-current)
– A. Candidates investment in harvested and growing crops
– B. Candidates investment in feed, seed, fertilizer, chemicals,
supplies, and other current assets
– C. Candidates investment in merchandise, crops and
livestock purchased for resale
– D. Candidates investment in raised market livestock and
Completing the State FFA Degree Application
Inventory Statement continued:
– E. Candidates investment in non-depreciable draft, pleasure,
or breeding livestock and poultry
– F. Candidates investment in depreciable draft, pleasure, or
breeding livestock
– G. Candidates investment in machinery, equipment, and
– H. Candidates investment in depreciable land improvements,
buildings, and fences
– I. Candidates investment in land
Completing the State FFA Degree Application
Step 5 – Complete Income and Expense Summary of
Entrepreneurship SAE
– Each column is a year or record book
– Place an X in the cell above the last column used (You
should the same number of columns completed as you have
record books)
– Use the summary pages of the record book (beginning on
page 39) to complete this section of the application
– You do not have to total on the pencil copy. The application
will do that for you.
Completing the State FFA Degree Application
Step 6 – Complete the Financial Balance Sheet
– The numbers for this section are transferred from the
Financial Statement of record book #1, Beginning
Values and the Financial Statement of the last record
book Ending Values. (Note: any place a $0 is in
place, the computer will transfer the number for you.)
Completing the State FFA Degree Application
Step 7 – Complete the Leadership Activities
section. (Be sure that each candidate has listed
a local chapter office held or committee chaired
and 10 activities above the local level)
Step 8 – Complete the School and Community
activities section.
Completing the State FFA Degree Application
Step 9 – Print out the completed application.
– obtain the appropriate signatures.
– Include a transcript that indicates GPA
– Go over the checklist from the “Blue Book” with each
– Place it in a FFA Awards folder and rubber band the
record books with the application.
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