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Book Port Plus

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Book Port Plus
“Finding Existing Titles and Sending
New Content”
Presented by Maria E. Delgado
The Title key
• Right bottom key in mid section
• When pressed once, lists all titles
• When pressed repeatedly,
switches between the SD card,
USB Media or Voice Memos
• List of titles is the lowest level of 3
• Middle level is the list of Folders in
the device
• Top level is a list of file Categories
• Move through levels using Up or
Down Arrow
The 4 media Categories
includes 2.x and 3.x audio and text formats
• Text –
All non-Daisy titles are categorized as text,
including Word, text, and HTML
• Audio –
sound files not associated with a Daisy
book, including music, podcasts, and other
sound files. It organizes them by folders
and calls them albums
• Audio Books –
include files from
Finding a title
• Press the Title key
• This brings up a horizontal
listing of all titles
• Move to a title using the right
or left Arrows
• When you hear the desired
title, press the Play/Stop key to
start/stop reading
Looking for titles within a Folder
• Press the Title key
• Press Up Arrow to move to the
Folder list level
• Move right or left to find the
desired folder
• Press Down Arrow to see its
• Move right or left with the
Arrow keys to find a title within
that folder
Looking for files within a Category
• Move to the Top level of the
Title list
• Move right or left to select a
• Once in a Category, press
Down Arrow to list its
• Good way to narrow down a
book search
The Audio Category
• Is unique and can be found in
all 3 levels of the Title list
• Unlike other Categories, must
press Play/Stop to open for
• All audio files comprise a title,
and use the title navigation
commands to move from track
to track or album to album
Sending files from a computer
• Connect the BPP to the
computer via the long USB
• BPP will show as a
removable drive under �My
• You may copy and paste
files or folders using
Windows commands
Copying content directly into the SD
• Requires a Card Reader
connected to the computer
(not included with BPP)
• First, remove the card from the
device (be sure BPP is paused
or off)
• Alternatively, use a different
• Copy and paste files or folders
into the card using Windows
Transferring content without a
• BPP writes/reads content from
USB devices including:
o Digital Talking Book
cartridges from NLS
o Thumb drives
o External CD, DVD, or Disk
Drive with disks including
both data and music CDs
To transfer content using a USB device
• Turn device on (if device has on/off switch)
• Plug small end of short USB cable into USB
jack on Book Port Plus.
• Plug large end of cable into the external USB
• If Book Port Plus is not on, turn it on and
press the Title key until it responds "USB
• If Book Port Plus is already on, it announces
"USB Media" to let you know it detects the
• Find/play books using previous instructions
Backing up a title to the SD card
• Open the title
• Press the Menu key to opens the main menu
• Press Left or Right arrow to the "Backup"
• Press Enter. It responds by asking you to
confirm the backup by pressing Enter.
• Press Enter. It responds by copying the
selected book, file, or music CD to the SD card.
• Depending on the size and type of title, this
process may take several minutes.
• After copying title, USB device may be
Things to keep in mind
• Protected material may require special
software/authorization to play (NLS,
RFBD, Bookshare, Audible)
• Daisy titles require that each title resides
in its own folder
• If the books are compressed into a zip
file, you must first extract the contents of
that zip file to a folder before copying the
title. (Book Port Plus does not recognize
zip files.)
• Music folders can be nested only eight
• There can be only 1024 files or folders in
each folder.
Using the Book Transfer software
• Once installed from included CD, makes the process of
identifying and copying titles easy by performing the
following tasks:
• Unzips archive files such as those downloaded from NLS and
• Converts braille files to text
• Converts most PDFs to text
• Sends a Digital Talking Book on CD
• Creates folders on the SD card
• Sends entire folders from the PC
• Adds Book Port Plus to the Send To context menu of the File
• Previews supported files
• Queues selected files for later transfer
• Checks for software and firmware updates
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