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Web 2.0: Transcending Boundaries for Development or Web 2

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Web 2.0
China’s Government & new media
• Government use new media to recruit fans and
• Does the public is discounting the information
they gain from authorities.
• Does it still work for government to use new
media to win support?
• Do people become more mature and believe
most of what they actually see by their own eyes
Online classroom
• This website has been acting as a bridge between the
children's world and outside world.
• CISCO on-line classroom is aiming at helping the
children in less-developed areas in China to know better
of the outside world.
• Through on-line classroom, children can ask questions
and volunteeres can upload short videos with answers.
• children can upload videos about their
lives, sharing their experience with people from outside.
• Platform for potential organ donors and patients
in need.
• Reaching out to potential organ donors.
• Help prevent poor potential donors from being
• Help poor organ patients afford operation
• Help lower cost of operation
Singapore: Increasing Citizens?
Mindshare in e-Engagement
• To research how the Singapore Government attempts to engage its
citizens who use the new media
• Three main areas:
- Public consultation on policy making. For example, a central
repository where all draft
policy papers that are open to public consultation are found.
Citizens can look at these
papers and offer their own feedback and suggestions.
- Community engagement. For example, government agencies
that have their own blogs
catering to specific interests like history, heritage and youthbased community
-Politicians who take to blogging their own personal
experiences and their thoughts on
certain issues.
The effects of blogging among Saudi
Goal: to discover the societal impact on women by their
increased access to the internet and greater freedom of
expression over the internet.
Method: analyzing blogs’ content and contacting the women to
gain insight in the following areas:
• Why they chose to blog?
• What they get out of blogging?
• Do they feel that blogging has altered their outlook on the
social situation of women in Saudi Arabia?
Another areas may explore
• Is blogging/ internet usage mainly an upper-class phenomenon
• Why have bloggers chosen to blog in English
Mobile Technology- Linking the Middle East
with the World: Creating Networking
Opportunities For Growth and Innovation
• Idea: Using mobile technology, to blend a type of
"" function that would allow people to
enter information about the areas they are interested
• Information sharing creates economic potential
• To apply a similar concept to, by creating an
application that encompasses a network of people
from both developing and developed countries
• This phone application would translate all questions
and commentary
Hospitality Club
• Helps to meet travelers and hosts
• The aim : to bring people together - hosts and guests,
travelers and locals.
• on-line community with more than
437 thousands members in 221 countries and
territories around the world.
• To research the hypotheses that the Hospitality Club
can result in establishing partnerships and
development projects around the world
Web 2.0: Transcending
Boundaries for Development
Web 2.0: Connecting for
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