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Hockey birth.
Game was born in Canada, and the first match has been spent
in Montreal in 1879.
In 1893 the governor general of Canada lord Stanley has
founded the Cup for the best Canadian command.
Till 1910 this prize - began to be called as Stanley's Cup.
In 1917 the National hockey league (NHL) which have united
all Canadian professional commands has been formed. And
in seven years, in 1924, the first American team has joined
Canadians in NHL from Boston also.
? Hockey has come to Europe already in the XX-th century
beginning - the first championship of the Old World has
been played in 1910. Modular Great Britain (she became the
winner), Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.
? The World championships and Europe, Olympic games.
? Since 1932 titles ?Hockey kings of Europe? are played only within
the limits of the World championships and winter Olympic
In 1924 hockey was included for the first time into the Olympic
program of winter Olympic games.
First three places of a place in Olympic games:
26.01. - 1.02. 1956, Italy: 1. The USSR, 2. The USA, 3. Canada.
18.02. - 28.02. 1960, the USA: 1. The USA, 2. Canada, 3. The USSR.
27.01. - 8.02. 1964, Austria: 1. The USSR, 2. Sweden, 3.
6.02. - 17.02. 1968, France: 1. The USSR, 2. Czechoslovakia, 3.
5.02. - 13.02. 1972, Japan: 1. The USSR, 2. The USA, 3.
6.02.-14.02. 1976, Austria: 1. The USSR, 2. Czechoslovakia, 3.
12.02. - 24.02. 1980, the USA: 1. The USA, 2. The USSR, 3. Sweden.
7.02. - 19.02. 1984, Yugoslavia: 1. The USSR, 2. Czechoslovakia, 3.
The national team of the USSR for 1987 was the 20-fold world
champion, the 7-fold silver prize-winner and the 4-fold
bronze prize-winner of world superiority, the 25-fold
champion of Europe, the 4-fold silver prize-winner and the
double bronze prize-winner of the European championship.
Game rules and rules of carrying
out of game.
Hockey is spent on an ice platform
in the size 61 х 30 m, squared,
with the rounded off corners.
All platform is fenced by
wooden boards in height 122 see
Players, moving on ice on the fads,
aspire to throw sticks a washer
in gate of the opponent and to
protect the gate.
Game proceeds 60 minutes of
"pure time? (3 periods for 20
minutes with breaks for 10
minutes between the periods).
Directly 6 players participate in
game: the goalkeeper, two
defenders and three attacking.
Players are replaced through 1 2 minutes.
At all thus it is possible to add for what punish and as punish:
The most widespread penalty in hockey - a sending off the
field for 2 minutes of pure time. It is appointed here for what:
1. For a delay of the opponent a stick. A footboard a stick, the
2. For a knocking-out of a stick from hands of the opponent.
3. For dangerous game by a stick lifted above a shoulder.
4. For game by the broken stick.
5. Washer pressing to a board or to the basis of gate when the
player is not attacked by the opponent.
But also there is also a 5-minute penalty for following
infringements of rules:
1. The damage put to the opponent by a stick, lifted above a
2. A delay of a stick of the contender with danger to put to it
3. A throw of a stick or a washer in the player.
Following infringements of rules of conducting power struggle are
punished by 2-minute removal from a platform:
1. A push of the opponent who is not owning a washer.
2. A push aboard.
3. A push hands (elbow).
4. Deliberate falling under the opponent on purpose to bring down
5. A delay of the opponent hands.
Removal for 5 minutes:
1. A push of the opponent aboard with danger to put to it damage.
2. A push of the goalkeeper in the area of gate.
Removal till the end of game:
1. Deliberately rough game in any zone (replacement with other
player in 5 minutes).
2. Deliberately rough game in which result the opponent has
received damage (replacement with other player in 10 minutes).
Position is "off side fixed in a case:
1. If the player of an attacking command has entered into a
zone of the contender earlier, than the washer there has
come to be.
2. If the player has accepted a washer behind the central line,
prothrown by its partner from the zone of protection.
3. If a washer проброшена from the half of field for a line of
gate of the opponent.
The well-known hockey
Уэни Грецкий? the
Canadian hockey player
Дэни Хитли? the
Canadian hockey player
Райан Гетцлаф? the
Canadian hockey player
Александр Валерьевич
Сёмин? The Russian
professional hockey
Маттиас Вейнхандль?
The Swedish hockey
player attacking
? Александр
Овечкин? The
hockey player.
The Swedish
hockey player
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