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The Dance Leadership Continuum for Young People

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The Dance Leadership Continuum for Young People
Level One
Key Stage 4
Level Two
Key Stage 5
Level Three
Key Stage 5
KS5 +
Examples of
Continue assisting/leading in
dance clubs within your
community as a paid or
unpaid volunteer
Award in Dance
Foundation Leaders
Certificate in Dance
Extension Leaders
Certificate in Dance
Year 10-13 Pupils (14+)
Year 11-13 Pupils (16+)
Year 13 Pupils (18+)
To assist in Dance Clubs in
primary schools, 5x60 clubs
and community clubs
To lead under supervision
in primary schools, 5x60
clubs and community clubs
To (begin to) lead sessions in
primary schools, 5x60 clubs and
community clubs
30 hours to complete
40 hours of taught time
and 20 hours of personal
50 hours of taught time and 40
hours of personal time
No previous experience
Dance experience in one
style required
Foundation Leaders certificate
or knowledge & understanding
of community dance leadership
Community Dance Wales
Sports Leaders UK
Community Dance Wales
Continuing professional
development could include:BTEC courses in Dance
related subjects
Community Dance Leaders
Course at the Laban Guild
Certificate in Dance
Education (Imperial Society
of Teachers of Dancing)
Undergraduate degrees in
Dance at various Universities
Post Graduate Certificate in
Dance in the Community at
the Laban Centre
For more information on
careers in Dance Education
contact Community Dance
The Dance Leadership Continuum
Award in Dance Leadership
Level One
This course uses dance to help people
develop vital skills for life such as
planning and organising oneself and
others, teamwork, communication and
You don’t need to be a dance expert – some
get up and go and an interest in
helping others are all that is needed.
The Award can be a stepping-stone to
employment, further education or
training. Above all, it’s a fun course,
open to all, that helps people to grow
and develop.
Course Content
Unit 1 – Planning, Preparing & Assisting
with a Simple Dance Activity
Unit 2 – Basic Communication Skills for
Leading a Dance Activity
Unit 3 – Principles of Health, Fitness and
Safe Dance Practice
Unit 4 – Understanding the Relationship of
Music to Dance
Unit 5 – Understanding the Scope of
Opportunities in Dance
Unit 6 – Creating, Developing and Assisting
with a Simple Dance Piece
Unit 7 – Demonstration of Leadership Skills
in Dance
Foundation Leaders in
Dance - Youth
Level Two
This is a part time course which will build on
your interest and enthusiasm for dance
and is accredited though the Open
College Network.
This course is not about you as a dancer, it is
about your role in helping to enable and
encourage young people to take part in
dance activities. You must be over 16
and have a genuine enthusiasm for
dance and experience in at least one
dance style.
Course Content
Unit 1 – Community Dance and the role of the
Dance Leader
Unit 2 – Equal Opportunities, Disability
Awareness and Cultural Diversity
Unit 3 – Basic Health & Safety, Basic First Aid,
Anatomy & Physiology
Unit 4 – Creating and Teaching Dance
Unit 5 – Planning and Evaluation
In addition to this you will be required to
complete 20 hours of �personal time’
including workbook time, practical dance
sessions, research, observing and
Extension �Leaders in Dance’
Level Three
This course will allow you build on what you
have learned at the Foundation level
allowing you time to reflect on and put
into practice what you have learnt. This
course is accredited through the Open
College Network.
It will offer you the opportunity to explore in
more depth, the core skills and
knowledge you need to lead safe and
appropriate dance activities in a range of
settings. You must be 18 or over and
have successfully completed the
Foundation course or have evidence of
knowledge and understanding of
community dance leadership.
Course Content
Unit 1 – Community Dance, the importance of
access, participation and social inclusion
Unit 2 – Role of the dance leader,
understanding of roles and
responsibilities, teaching methods,
motivating and recruiting
Unit 3 – Dance Leadership, Planning, Delivering
and Evaluating
Unit 4 – Safe Practice including Health &
Safety, Anatomy & Physiology
In addition to this you will be required to
complete 40 hours of independent study
and personal time
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