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Performance Arts - Dance - Ashland Independent Schools

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Performance Arts - Dance
Eric Lambert
Academic Team
American Dancers & Choreographers
• George Balanchine – Russian-born choreographer, founded
School of American Ballet I n 1934. Director of NYC Ballet
(Apollo & Agon with music by Stravinsky)
• Fred Astaire – Dancer/Actor on Broadway & film. Worked
with Garland, Rogers, & Hayworth. (The Band Wagon, Top
Hat, Shall We Dance?)
• Agnes DeMille – Choreographer, rooted in American
folklore (Ballets: Rodeo & Fall River Legend; Broadway:
• Isadora Duncan – One of 1st in modern dance; Rejected
ballet & created expressive dance. Danced in flowing Tunic.
• Martha Graham – Choreographer; modern dance using
rigorous technique. Works on American roots (Appalachian
Spring) and Greek mythology (Night Journey &
• Gene Kelly – Actor, dancer, choreographer; made dance
integral to story and explored film of dance (An American in
Paris & Invitation to the Dance).
• Jerome Robbins – Dancer and Choreographer; combines
classical idiom with jazz, modern, and social dance. (West
Side Story & Fiddler on the Roof).
• Bill “Bojangles” Robinson – Tap dancer; brought new
lightness to dance. In The Little Colonel with Shirley
• Maria Tallchief – Dancer w/ Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
and NYC Ballet. Founded the Chicago City Ballet.
World Dancers & Choreographers
• Mikhail Baryshnikov – Russian Dancer w/ Kirov Ballet, defected
in 1974, joined American Ballet Theater, was its director thru the
80s. One of top male dancers of his time. Movie - White Knights.
• Vaslav Nijinsky – Polish-Russian dancer and choreographer. Took
radical breaks from traditional ballet. Considered greatest dancer of
early 20th century.
• Rudolf Nureyev – Russian dancer with Kirov Ballet. Defected to
the West in 1961 where he paired with Dame Margot Fonteyn with
the Royal Ballet. Director of Paris Opera in 80s.
• Anna Pavlova – Russian Ballerina. Ballets Russes then toured
world introducing ballet throughout.
• Dame Margo Fonteyn – English Dancer of Royal Ballet. Paired
with Nureyev. Main roles include Juliet in Romeo & Juliet and
Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.
* This super-awesome Power Point was created by the super-awesome Taylor Jesse Raye Adams. Yeah…it’s super-awesome.
Common Dance Terms
• Arabesque- In ballet, the extension of one
leg back 90 degrees
• Point- a position on the
tip of the toes
• Pirouette- A turn on
one leg with the toe of
the other leg
• Spotting- A fixing of
the eyes one spot for
as long as possible
during turns to avoid
• Port de bras- Any
position of the arms
• Plie- Bending of the
• Glissade- A Gliding
• Jete- A leap from one
leg to another in
which one leg is
Ballet Feet Positioning
• 1st Position- Feet in straight
line, heels touching
• 2nd Position- Feet in Straight
Line, heels apart
• 3rd Position- One foot in front
of the other with the heel of
one in the instep of another
• 4th Position- One foot in front
of the other, parallel but apart
• 5th Position- One foot in front
of the other, parallel with the
heel of one touching the toe of
Types of Dances
• Basse Dance- A solemn court dance popular in
the 15th and 16th century
• Quadrille- A social dance popular in the 19th
century. A square dance in 5 sections
• Polka - Bohemian folk dance
• Mazurka – National Dance of Poland
• Fox Trot- American Social Dance
• Tango - Dance developed in Argentina
Types of Dance
Waltz- Social Dance in Вѕ time
Reel- Popular in Britain, Ireland, and Scotland
Flamenco- a Sevillian gypsy dance
Mambo – American ballroom, Cuban origin
Merengue – Official dance of Dominican Rep.
Lambada – Brazilian couples dance, swirling
short skits, mistaken as “The Forbidden Dance”
• Maxixe – the true “Forbidden Dance” of Brazil
This super-awesome Power Point was created by the super-awesome Taylor Jesse Raye Adams. Yeah…it’s super-awesome.
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