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Dance and Literacy
Dance and Literacy Programs
Dance and Literacy Programs can enhance dance education in education
as a whole
Dance and Literacy Programs can help children see how everything they
learn in all their academic classes can also connect art classes
Dance and Literacy programs to teach dance and literacy
through movement, poetry, storytelling and visual art
Dance and Literacy programs can incorporate reading and
dance which can reading to movement.
• Students’ engagement in what they read in class is
increased when they are asked to recall story
elements through movement
• then are taught to express
• and other story components through their own
movements and dance expressions.
Other perks to Dance and Literacy Programs
• Dance and literacy are such an important part of every
child’s life and we should be proud to be a part of this
• Teaching artists are professional dancers, do these programs
during their residency, a local dance company performs for
and dances with the kids
• In many program the children can present their work they
choreographed with the teaching artists in a performance
• Their pieces are usually theme based or a story to
incorporate the literacy aspect to bridge both dance and
Programs involving Dance and Literacy
New York City Ballet
The National Endowment of the Arts
New York State Council on the Arts
New York City Ballet
• New York City Ballet offers professional development programs and
• NYCB offer a program called "Dance - Literacy through an Aesthetic
Education," which is a one day workshop offered to educators,
administrators, parents, etc. “The workshop introduces the 'literacy of
dance and its intrinsic relevance to literacy in other subject areas. The
workshop involves movement, discussion, writing, and curriculum
design exercises to illustrate how literacy across disciplines can be
• The Second Program is the “Ballet–Curriculum through Aesthetic
Exploration is a 15-session series for individual professionals from New
York City public schools. This program examines the craft and aesthetic
of ballet, as exemplified by NYCB, to provide teacher and student with
opportunities for literacy enrichment and curricular development.”
• The National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) is an
autonomous non-profit organization dedicated to promoting standards
of excellence in dance education by providing the dance artist and the
dance educator a network of resources and support, a base for
advocacy, and access to programs and projects that focus on the
importance of dance in the human experience.
• The goals of NDEO are to:
• 1) promote dance as an artistic process which broadens and deepens
human experience;
• 2) strengthen the national voice in articulating and implementing a
vision for dance education; and
• 3) weave dance into the complete fabric of learning. The NDEO works
to advance knowledge in the field of dance education, encourages
research and practical application, and promotes quality instruction in
dance arts education conducted by qualified teachers of dance.
• Artsedge provides lesson plans that involve the National
Standards for Arts Education
• These lesson plans unite the arts with academic subjects
such as Math, English, History, and Sciences
• There website lists the Standards as well as up to date
articles, reports, and other arts related materials
The National
Endowment of the Arts
• The NEA is an organization that provides many excellent
programs for artists in our nation.
• They have grants and funding programs to help artists start
new artist projects and many other great opportunities for
art supporters.
• They also house the Council on the Arts.
• “The National Endowment for the Arts is a public agency
dedicated to supporting excellence in the arts, both new and
established; bringing the arts to all Americans; and
providing leadership in arts education”
New York State Council
on the Arts
• The NYSCA's Mission is that "The New York State
Council on the Arts is dedicated to preserving and
expanding the rich and diverse cultural resources that are
and will become the heritage of New York's citizens
• The Council believes in supporting the following." They
also are "committed to fostering public understanding and
enjoyment of arts and culture through support of arts
education, public participation, and lifelong learning
programs in schools and community settings for children
and adults."
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