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 Statute “obligations”
п‚— employers, employees & others
п‚— consultation
п‚— classes of persons
п‚— reporting & recording
 Common Law “duties of care”
п‚— vicarious liability
п‚— Other Legislation
п‚— anti-discrimination act
п‚— building fire safety regulations
п‚— environmental protection act
What Can Go Wrong In An
п‚— Statistics
п‚— absences
п‚— sickness
п‚— conflict
п‚— Injuries
п‚— physical
п‚— psychological
п‚— illnesses & diseases
Types of Hazards
п‚— Basic Hazard Categories
п‚— Physical
п‚— Chemical
п‚— Ergonomic
п‚— Psychological
п‚— Radiation
п‚— Biological
п‚— Risk Assessment
Workplace Specific Hazards &
п‚— Manual Handling & Ergonomics
п‚— Occupational Aggression & Violence
п‚— staff
п‚— public
п‚— Physical Threat
п‚— hold-up
п‚— fire
п‚— Slips, Trips & Falls
п‚— Transportation
Office Machinery
п‚— Electricity
п‚— cords, cables & electrical hazards
п‚— Photocopiers
п‚— toner, developer, noise, ozone, light,
п‚— Printers
п‚— noise, inks, ozone (laser)
п‚— Computers
п‚— eyestrain, posture, radiation?
Manual Handling
п‚— Statistics
п‚— injuries
п‚— costs
п‚— Office Equipment & Furniture
п‚— Stationery & Supplies
п‚— Correct Lifting Techniques
п‚— Twisting & Bending
п‚— Mechanical Aids
п‚— Teamwork Lifting
Office Ergonomics
п‚— Office Equipment
п‚— workstations, chairs, keyboards
п‚— Placement of Equipment
п‚— strains, sprains & O.O.S.
п‚— Posture
п‚— height & distance of equipment
п‚— periods of sitting & standing
п‚— Breaks & Exercises
п‚— 5-10 minutes per hour suggested
Electrical Safety
п‚— What is Electrical Equipment?
п‚— Injuries
п‚— Types
п‚— Testing & Tagging
п‚— Frequency
п‚— Contractors
п‚— Reporting Faults
п‚— how? to whom? when?
What’s in the office Air?
п‚— Air Contaminants
п‚— bacteria, viruses, mould spores, dusts
п‚— Ventilation
п‚— Air-conditioners & Cooling Towers
п‚— Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)
п‚— Legionnaires Disease
п‚— Testing & Maintenance
п‚— biocides
п‚— Contractors & Specialists
п‚— Enclosed Spaces
Contaminated Air
п‚— Stale air
п‚— CO2
п‚— Heat
п‚— Humidity
п‚— Ozone
п‚— Smoking
п‚— Neighbors
Noise - In Here - Pardon?
п‚— What is noise?
п‚— Legal limits - 85dB(A)
 How it’s measured - DND
п‚— Control strategies
п‚— elimination
п‚— engineering
п‚— administration
staff rotation, timings
Lighting & Glare
п‚— How do you Know?
п‚— headache?
п‚— fatigue?
п‚— eyestrain?
п‚— nausea?
п‚— Testing
п‚— who? how? when?
п‚— Benefits
п‚— reduced absenteeism, reduced sickness
п‚— What is Housekeeping?
п‚— cleanliness, tidiness, maintenance
п‚— taking care of your work area
п‚— good housekeeping calls for constant care
п‚— Benefits of Good Housekeeping
п‚— safer, easier, better, more fun
п‚— Advantages of Good Housekeeping
п‚— less tiring, more space, less aggravating, more businesslike
п‚— Part of YOUR Job
Slips, Trips & Falls
п‚— General Housekeeping
п‚— Cupboards, Cabinets & Carpets
п‚— Cords, Cables & Wires
п‚— Telephone outlets
п‚— Personal Belongings
п‚— Furniture
п‚— Fluids & Floor Surfaces
Occupational Aggression &
п‚— Legislation
п‚— Anti-Discrimination Act 1991
п‚— Sexual Harassment
п‚— Types of Violence
п‚— physical, psychological
п‚— Control Measures
п‚— procedures
п‚— reporting system
п‚— infrastructure, training
п‚— Statistically increasing
п‚— Costs
п‚— Causes
п‚— Effects
п‚— Personal
п‚— Social
п‚— Organizational
Office Chemicals
п‚— Cleaning Agents
п‚— Toners & Developers
п‚— Inks, Cleansers,
п‚— Solvents
п‚— Paints
Fire Safety in the Office
п‚— Emergency Control Organization?
п‚— Appropriate Equipment?
п‚— alarms, extinguishers, hoses, detectors
п‚— Know where to go? & How?
п‚— Raising the Alarm?
п‚— Training?
п‚— Visitors, Clients, Public?
п‚— Dept Training & Industrial Relations
п‚— Workplace Health & Safety
п‚— Bureau of Emergency Services
п‚— Employee Assistance Programs
п‚— Consultants
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