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Asia Scope and Sequence for English: PPT

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The Asia Scope and Sequence for English
Professional Learning Workshop
Slide 1.1: Aims of the workshop
пѓ� Introduce educators to the National Statement for Engaging
Young Australians with Asia in Australian Schools (the
National Statement) and the Asia Scope and Sequence for
English (ASSE) resource, including the units of work
пѓ� Provide opportunities for educators to reflect on current
practice, whether in policy development, school leadership
or classroom teaching, in relation to engaging young
Australians with Asia through English
Slide 1.2: Aims of the workshop (cont)
пѓ� Assist educators in their planning so that they can
incorporate use of the relevant documents in their future
practice to introduce or strengthen engagement with Asia
пѓ� Encourage educators to view the National Statement and
the ASSE resource as part of a suite of interdependent
curriculum resources that also includes the national 2005
Statements of Learning for English and their own
State/Territory curriculum initiatives
Slide 1.3: The Rationale - Objectives
пѓ� To introduce, and provide background to, the National Statement
and the ASSE resource
пѓ� To undertake preliminary activities providing familiarity with the
пѓ� To make links to national, state or territory, school and faculty
curriculum initiatives
пѓ� Being good neighbours and responsible citizens
пѓ� Harmonious Australia
пѓ� Creative Australia
пѓ� Prosperous Australia
How does knowledge and understanding of Asia and Australia’s
relationship with Asia contribute to each of these aspirations?
Slide 1.4: Purpose of the Asia Scope and Sequence
for English
пѓ� Articulate key curriculum concepts and content across the
compulsory years of schooling
пѓ� Provide advice and support to teachers of English in order to
facilitate their efforts to engage young Australians with Asia
пѓ� Point teachers to existing exemplary resources that allow
students to engage with Asia in the English classroom, and
пѓ� Become the basis of an online schema linking to a repository
of curriculum materials that will be extended over time and
that is freely available and accessible to teachers in
Australian schools
Slide 2.1: The Learners - Objectives
пѓ� To facilitate a close examination of the ASSE resource and
the National Statement
пѓ� To allow participants to establish their own vision and needs
in relation to engagement with Asia through their practice,
and learn how the National Statement and ASSE can assist
them in meeting these needs
пѓ� To identify key elements of the National Statement and
ASSE that resonate with a broader policy picture
Slide 2.2: Tim Winton
�People that I spoke to seemed surprised but
delighted to realise that we (India and Australia)
are closer neighbours than they’d previously
thought. To me this underlined both the
opportunities for progress between cultures and
the magnitude of the task ahead if Australian
culture wants to cement its place in the region’.
Tim Winton, Australian writers’ tour of India, 2004
Slide 2.3: Key sections of, and links from, the
� Rationale and background pp. 7–9
� Aspects pp. 11–12
� Overviews pp. 13–14
� Elaborations pp. 15–28
пѓ� Access Asia English teaching resources (primary
and secondary) pp. 29–30
пѓ� Units (hotlinks)
пѓ� Access Asia website (hotlink)
Slide 2.4: Key sections of, and links from, the National
пѓ� Purpose of The Statement p. 3
� Australia and Asia pp. 4–6
пѓ� Defining Asia p. 7
пѓ� An Asia-engaged young Australian p. 8
пѓ� Education: Engaging young Australians with
Asia, six interlinked elements p. 10
� Links to other national priorities pp. 13–15
пѓ� Support for studies of Asia and Australia p. 20
Slide 2.5: Prompts for Reflection
� I learnt…
� I need to know…
� I doubt…
� I might…
� I hope I can…
� I’ll try…
� I’ll change…
� I’ll use…
� I’ll tell…
� I’ll show…
Slide 3.1: The Plan - Objectives
пѓ� To assist participants in using the ASSE and The
National Statement to plan for change
пѓ� To enable participants to consider strategies for
and the implications of change
пѓ� To provide participants with opportunities to
consider how implementing change can assist
them in meeting state or territory, and national
curriculum goals
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