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СОШ № 430
Михальченко Вячеслав
Санкт – Петербург
Stonehenge can be
found in England.
In the county of
Stonehenge is one of the most
famous prehistoric places in the
world. This ancient circle of stones
stands in South west England. It is
made with massive blocks of stone
up to 4 meters high. Why it was
built is mystery. Also people are
not sure by whom exactly it was
built and how it was done.
The complex of Stonehenge
was built about 4000 years
ago. It is suggested that it
could be built by Danes,
Romans, Saxons, Greeks,
Egyptians, Celts, Druids and
even Aliens. But still there is
now true answer. It is a
secret of history.
Archaeologists are trying to
find the origin of this
construction, but come to
absolutely different
Moreover, the stones Stonehenge was stones built of
were taken from the place more than 200 kilometer
far from the construction. Taking into consideration
that each stone is about 6 tons in is impossible to
suggest any proper technology of that time to satisfy
such a need of transportation.
So, who could build it – druids, aliens? Or, maybe
Merlin, the legendary wizard? There is a legend that
Merlin helped the king to build Stonehenge in
memory of killed Britons.
There is place magic and mystic about Stonehenge .
Astrologists say the construction serves to explore the
Sun and Moon cycling. Romantic people say it was
built in memory of the great battle people with mystic
views insist it was constructed for ritual needs.
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