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The Birthplace

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«Биография Вильяма
Урок английского языка, 6 класс школы с углублённым
изучением английского языка.
Учитель: Ульева Наталья Львовна.
ГОУ СОШ №183.
г. Санкт-Петербург.
William Shakespeare
His works consist of
about 38 plays,154
sonnets, and several
other poems. His plays
have been translated
into every major living
language and are
performed more often
than those of any other
The Birthplace
John Shakespeare came
to Stratford and set up
business as a glovemaker. He probably
bought this building in
Henley Street in 1575,
all of his eight children
were born here
between 1558 and
Holy Trinity Church
Holy Trinity Church,
Stratford-uponAvon where William
Shakespeare was
baptised after his
birth on 23 April
Early Childhood
The room in which
Shakespeare is
believed to have
been born. Fourposter beds were
curtained for
warmth, the rocking
cradle is authentic.
William attended
the grammar school,
where he could have
learned grammar,
logic and rhetoric as
well as Latin. The
school is not greatly
changed since that
A Wedding
In 1582, at the age of
18, William married
Anne Hathaway, the
farmer’s daughter.
Apart from the age
difference, there were
nothing very special
about that.
Seeking Fortune in London
Stratford was visited by wandering troupes of
actors. It is highly possible that William Shakespeare
joined one of these companies as they took their
route towards London.
Seeking Fortune in London
A number of
Shakespeare’s plays
were written for private
performance, rather
than public staging.
Banquet scene of
around 1596 shows
players performing a
masque in front of the
seated company.
Actor - Playwright
Shakespeare drew the themes for many of his plays
from stories which were already in general
circulation. Here Macbeth meets the three witches,
in a print illustrating Chronicles published in 1577.
Actor - Playwright
This portrait is said to
be of Christopher
Marlowe, Shakespeare’s
greatest rival. His early
death, at the age of 29,
left Shakespeare
without a peer as poet
and dramatist.
The Elizabethan Theatre
Archaeologists have
been able to tell us a
good deal about the
theatre of the 16th
century. Plays were
staged in the open air.
The Globe Theatre
Only one picture of the
first Globe survives
made by John Norden
in 1600 as a part of a
bird-eye view of
The Globe Theatre
The Globe Theatre was
built on the south bank
of the Thames in 1599.
One of the first plays
was Shakespeare’s
Last years
These beautiful gardens
cover the site, where
Shakespeare spent his
last years.
The house was
demolished by an 18thcentury owner who was
annoyed by tourists.
Last Years
He died on 23 April
1616 and was buried in
Holy Trinity Church in
Stratford. The first
collected edition of his
works was published in
1623 and is known as
'the First Folio'.
Reconstructing the Past
The site of the old Globe theatre was
rediscovered in the 20th century and a
reconstruction of a New Globe Theatre has
been built near the spot.
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