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Welcome to the Oxford Physics Department (PPT)

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Welcome to the Oxford
Physics Department
Patrick Baird
Graduate Studies: the challenge,
the requirements and the
The community
There are six sub-departments within
Oxford Physics: ALP, CMP, PP, TP, AOPP,
Each sub-department has a Director of
Graduate Studies whose job is to oversee
all aspects graduate work from admission
to monitoring progress and examinations.
The PGJCC is your voice in what the
department offers to graduates.
The membership of this Joint Consultative
Committee includes one graduate student
representative from each sub-department
and one post-doctoral representative from
each of our two sites (East – CMP, ALP &
AOPP and West - PP, TP & AP)
The committee meets once a term - in 9th
week - and elections to membership take
place in Hilary.
Teaching and Graduate Studies: Organization
Graduate Studies
Head of Teaching Faculty
Academic Committee
Director of Graduate Studies
Academic Administrator
MPLS Graduate Advisory Panel
Access Officer
Teaching Faculty Secretary
and Reception
Graduate Studies Secretary
The Hurdles
The transfer from PRS to D.Phil. student. Usually this
involves a viva and some kind of report and/or essay.
Notification from the sub-department to allow this
transfer means filling in a form! (GSO 2)
Your changed status ultimately needs to be confirmed
after another 6-9 terms. Another form ( or rather two) to
fill in! (GSO 14 +14A)
The thesis you ultimately submit will need to be no more
that 250 pages of A4, double-spaced with standard font
size. (The exception is TP – where the limit is150
Currently two examiners are appointed to review the
thesis; normally one is external and one internal to the
Transferable Skills – The Roberts’
The government accepted this report and provided
resources to enable graduates to develop additional
skills aside from specific research training.
Each graduate student is responsible for maintaining a
portfolio of the skills training they have received.
It is expected that each year you will receive 10 days (2
weeks) of such training.
There is a web portal on the MPLS Divisional website
which provides some background information, see
Organisation of skills training
First year: largely embedded in your first year
graduate course. Skills which are useful to your
research but which reach further afield, e.g.
computing, presentational… etc.
Second year: UKgrad schools, Teacher training
etc. (The teaching training day(s) are mandatory
and is a requirement for anyone wishing to teach
or demonstrate.)
Third Year: career-oriented skills, writing CVs,
papers and applications…..
Graduate Notice Board
There is an electronic notice board on our physics
Here you will find information and links to relevant
graduate studies information, e.g. minutes of PGJCC
meetings, membership of committees, regulations
governing degrees, scholarships, links to counselling
services etc. ….And who knows perhaps even
information on social functions..!!
The division’s notice board at:
provides information on graduate lectures etc. across the
division, i.e. in other science departments in physical and
life sciences.
And finally..
Remember you are a crucial part of this large
department. Your welfare is important to us as
well as your academic endeavours. Let
someone know if you need information or
support! You should also have a college advisor.
The graduate studies office is currently located
on the first floor at the rear of the MWLT
complex (Ming Li).
Above all enjoy your time in the department and
make the most of the research opportunities
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