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Holden Police Department Fitness Program

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Holden Police Department
Fitness Program
Sergeant Timothy J. Sherblom
Chief George R. Sherrill
Dr. Stefanos Kales
• A well run physical fitness
program should be an important
part of any police departments
• The Holden Police Department
prides itself on the level of
fitness maintained by it’s
• The following presentation
outlines the Holden Police
Departments fitness program.
• If there are any questions
during the presentation feel free
to ask!
Challenges to Maintaining a
Healthy Lifestyle
• Like the rest of the country, Massachusetts suffers
from an epidemic of obesity.
• More than 56% of adults in the state are either
overweight or obese, and, of course, public
servants are not immune.
• In fact, national research on the health and
physical fitness levels of public safety officers,
which include police officers and firefighters, has
GENERAL POPULATION. (The Cooper Institute
for Aerobic Research)
Health Risks for Police Officers
Cardiovascular disease
Sleep Disorders
On duty injuries
Stress Related
• Depression/Suicide
• Communicable
(HIV,Hepatitis B)
Health Risks Continued
• As a group, law enforcement officers have a
greater morbidity and mortality rate than the
general public, due to mostly cardiovascular
• Recent studies have shown an annual increase in
the frequency and severity of cardiovascular
incidences among law enforcement personnel.
• The risk of having a heart attack doubles with
each decade of law enforcement service.
Health Risks Cont.
• Law Enforcement Officers
suffer more job-related
stress than people in other
• Officers have to make
split second lifesaving
• Shift work/long hours
• Encounter angry, upset,
Stress Related Issues
Marital Problems
Alcohol Addiction
Drug Addiction
A Little About Our Community
Holden is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Central Massachusetts,
just north of Worcester, and about forty miles from Boston.
36 square miles |
19,000 citizens
Holden Police Department
Organizational Structure
1 Chief
1 Lieutenant
4 Patrol Sergeants
1 Detective Sergeant
1 Detective
11 Full-time Patrol Officers
4 Full-time Desk Officers
3 Part-time Officers
6 Police Service Aides
Massachusetts General Law for
Police Officers and Tobacco Use
Chapter 41 Section 101A
Subsequent to January first, nineteen and eightyeight, no person who smokes any tobacco product
shall be eligible to appointment as a police officer
or firefighter in a city or town and no person so
appointed after said date shall continue in such
officer or position if such person thereafter
smokes any tobacco products. The personnel
administrator shall promulgate regulations for the
implementation of this section.
Holden Police Department
Tobacco Use Policy
Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Patrolman may
not smoke or use any type of tobacco
product at any time on or off duty. This
requirement shall constitute a condition of
employment for all Officers. Any Officer
violating this provision shall be subject to
disciplinary action from the town. (Holden
PD was the first departments in the
country to institute such a policy.)
Holden Police Department Policy and
Procedure for Physical Fitness
A number of factors contribute to our commitment
of proper physical fitness for all police officers in
this department, including: to be physically able to
perform the law enforcement function, to prevent
injuries during arrests or other violent incidents
and to prevent other injuries and illness due to
occupational stress. Therefore, it shall be the
policy of this Department to encourage, to provide
for, and to maintain proper physical fitness of all
police officers within the Department.
HPD Procedures (Fitness)
• All newly appointed officers shall submit to a
medical examination and a physical fitness test
immediately upon or prior to their appointment as
police officers.
• All officers shall submit to a medical examination
upon Departmental request at any reasonable time,
with the Department absorbing the cost of such
• All officers (hired after November 30, 1987) shall
be required to submit to a physical fitness test on a
annual basis, to be held between April 1st and May
HPD Fitness Procedures
• Such physical fitness test shall be agreed upon between the Town of
Holden and officers representing the Collective Bargaining Unit of the
Holden Police Association. A copy of the test mandates shall be
maintained in the Standing Orders.
• All police officers shall be required to submit to a cholesterol test on
an annual basis, the cost of which shall be borne by the Town and the
results of which shall be only given to the officer tested.
• The Department shall provide space for exercise equipment in the
Police Station and the Chief shall issue directives relative to officers
working out; i.e. officers are allowed 1 Вј hours to exercise per shift.
• The Department shall encourage all officers to use the exercise
equipment and the Chief shall direct one officer to be the Physical
Fitness Officer, who shall be delegated to assist all other officers with
a physical fitness plan.
Holden Police Department
Annual Physical Fitness Test
• The Chief shall establish an annual physical
fitness test including an appropriate weight level
• Police Officers and Dispatch Officers appointed
on or after July 1, 1987 shall be required to
successfully complete a physical performance test
annually as a condition of employment.
• Police Officers hired prior to July 1, 1987 may
participate in this evaluation and, if successful in
its completion, will receive a stipend of $1,000.00
PT Test Failure
• Officers failing the test the first time will be
retested in 60 days. Upon completion they receive
half the annual stipend.
• If an Officer fails the second attempt, they will be
retested again in 60 days. At this time, upon
successful completion they will not receive any
stipend nor be eligible for same until the following
• Any Officer unable to successfully pass after three
attempts will be subject to disciplinary action by
the Town.
PT Test continued
• PT Test is based on a point system.
• Officers must receive a minimum of 500 points to
• PT Test consists of five events each worth a
certain number of points.
• The Officer who generates the most points during
the test is rewarded with a day off and receives the
fitness award.
• The PT Test is scaled depending on the age of the
PT Test Events
1.5 Mile Run
Sit ups/ 2 minute time limit
Push ups/ 2 minute time limit
Bench Press/ 75% of body weight
Height/ Weight Comparison
On Duty Workout Program
• HPD Officers may workout for up to 1 hour and
15 minutes per shift
• Officers may lift weights, go for a run, use the
elliptical, or participate in some other form of
cardiovascular exercise.
• The work out program is contingent upon
adequate staffing levels per shift.
• Participation is encouraged but not mandatory.
Benefits of Our On Duty Work
Out Program
Reduced Sick Time
Lowers Stress
Increases Morale
Reduction in on duty
Breaks up the shift
Improved overall health
You are getting PAID to
work out!!!!!
No gym fees
Holistic approach to
wellness and policing
HPD Running Team
Our New Public Safety Building
• Construction has been
completed on our new
34,500 square foot Public
Safety building at a price
of $15M.
• The new gym is almost
double the size of our
current fitness area.
• The fitness area is open to
members of the Fire
Department, Police
Department, and retirees
from both agencies.
Holden Public Safety Building
Holden Public Safety Building
Why is fitness so important to
Law Enforcement work has been compared to military experience as
"hours of mind numbing boredom punctuated by brief periods of
intense, unpredictable, life-threatening action." Both the military and law
enforcement are "come as you are" professions. You don’t need
physical fitness very often, but when you do, the absence of fitness can
have dire consequences for the individual officer, his or her partner,
and the public we are sworn to protect.
Maintaining an adequate level of fitness is not only important to job
performance, it helps relieve the stress that builds up from day to day in
the very demanding profession of law enforcement. The good news is
that the requisite levels of fitness are far from Olympian, and can be
attained in as little as three hours of training per week. Coupling an
exercise program with solid nutritional habits, not using tobacco, and
controlling the use of alcohol, the life expectancy of law enforcement
officers can approach that of their civilian counterparts.
Physical Fitness for Law
Enforcement Officers
The Nature of Police Work
“The law enforcement profession is becoming more complex and
stressful as we enter the 21st century. Solid research has shown the
life expectancy, after retirement, of a police officer is much shorter than
that of the the general population. The suicide rate, divorce rate, and a
host of other health related issues, including alcohol abuse, is much
higher for police officers than the current national averages. The
reasons for these problems are many, complex and varied. Unique
occupational stresses: shift work, sleep deprivation, critical incident
exposure, cumulative and organizational stress, and leadership issues
all play a part. Lack of proper diet and exercise coupled with the many
stresses of the job is a disastrous recipe often ending in premature
death, or a life which, at best, may be categorized as "non-wellness".
Family issues also play a major role in the overall health and wellbeing
of a law enforcement officer. The attitude, health and emotional stability
of the law enforcement officer affects the harmony, or lack of harmony,
in an officer's home. Children, spouses and significant others are all
victims of crippling job stress” (
Not only is it the police officers duty to remain
healthy and fit, it is the departments obligation for
providing him/her the means to do so. A fitness
program can dramatically improve a departments
morale, level of discipline, and esprit de corp. The
officers look and feel better about themselves
which translates into providing better service to
citizens of the community. In the short term there
will be less sick time, fewer injuries, improved
staffing levels, and higher morale. In the long
term you will have officers who have longer,
healthier, and more productive careers.
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Any Questions ????????
Contact Information:
Sgt. Timothy Sherblom
Holden Police Dept.
1420 Main Street
Holden, MA 01520
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