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Big Ben is an integral part of the
Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is
the name given to the clock on one
of the towers of the Houses of
Parliament. The clock with its bell
is named after Sir Benjamin Hall,
the chief Commissioner of Works
when the Houses of Parliament
were rebuilt in 1850. Sir Benjamin
Hall was a very tall and stout man.
His nickname was “Big Ben”.
Buckingham Palace is the official residence of
the Royal family. It is very interesting to watch
the ceremony that is called Changing of the
Guard. The ceremony takes place in front of
Buckingham Palace every day at 11.30 a.m. and
lasts 30 minutes. The Queen’s Guards wear
traditional uniforms and tall black fur caps called
busbies. When the Queen is at the residence the
flag is flying on the top of the Buckingham
Westminster Abbey is a national shrine where
the kings and queens are crowned. The Abbey is
an ancient building. In this great church there are
tombs and memorials of many eminent citizens.
Some of the graves are decorated with precious
stones. Newton and Darwin are buried in it. It is
famous for the Poet’s Corner where many
outstanding English writers are buried (Chaucer,
Dickens, Hardy, Kipling).
The tower of London is a place of
cultural and historical interest. It
was a fortress, a palace, a prison and
a royal treasury. Now it is a
museum. The Tower is guarded by
the Yeomen – Warders who are
called “Beefeaters”. They are
dressed in traditional medieval
clothes of Tudor times. Now they
are also tourist guides.
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