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Take Down Guide for Daisy 499 BB Gun - Power Point - Georgia 4

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Instructions for making plunger fork tool.
Drawing for the trigger assembly
499 Parts Drawing / Ordering Information
Tools you will need to disassemble a model 499
Remove shot tube from barrel shroud
Remove forearm screw
Remove forearm
Remove top stock screw
Remove stock screws
Remove stock
Remove lever nut
Remove lever screw
Remove lever assembly
Remove trigger screws and nuts
Using a flat screw driver compress leg on safety so
the safety can be removed
Remove safety from trigger and barrel shroud
Remove trigger assembly from barrel shroud
Using plunger fork insert into the barrel to
compress plunger spring
Line up plunger fork on sides of the plunger casing
so you can compress the plunger spring forward
Holding plunger fork handle against the table push
down on the barrel shroud so anchor pin will
Remove the anchor pin
Using a flat screw driver remove the plunger
Using a steel rod 5/8” – ¾” in diameter put into the
front of the barrel shroud to remove abutment
Tap rod with mallet until the abutment is loosened
and will come out the back of the barrel shroud
Remove the abutment
You can test the magnet on the abutment before
installing in the barrel by putting a bb on it to see if
it will stay in place
I do this so you do not have to tear the gun apart
again if the magnet is bad
Put abutment seal on the abutment plug
Seal goes on with flat side against plug and open
end to the outside
Insert abutment with seal into the barrel, put a
small amount of grease on seal to help slide in
Insert abutment with threaded side first into the
barrel shroud
Using your rod push abutment all the way into the
barrel shroud until it stops
Using a pointed punch re-stake the abutment into
the barrel shroud. Be sure the abutment is all the
way forward in the barrel shroud.
Before staking screw in shot tube and be sure the
tube is right against the muzzle of the barrel.
Stake in place with a pointed punch or nail, make
sure dimple is deep enough to hold abutment in
To change plunger head remove the plunger pin
Remove plunger pin
Take off plunger head
Take off steel plunger washer
Remove plunger spring from plunger casing
Replace plunger spring on casing
Steel washer can go over the plunger head to
make it easier to get back together
Insert plunger head with steel washer in plunger
casing and line up the holes for the plunger pin
Compress the plunger spring so you can insert the
plunger pin
Rebuilding trigger instructions are for trigger pull to
the left
Remove safety from trigger casing
Remove trigger pin
Remove pawl
Remove pawl spring
Remove trigger and trigger spring
New style post trigger is on left and I am holding
the old style trigger with cut out for spring
Put trigger spring on post or in cut out. Use a
small amount of grease on tip next to trigger
Old and new trigger with trigger springs
End of trigger spring must tuck into the notch
inside the trigger sear right above thumb nail on
left hand
Insert trigger with spring into trigger casing lining
up the trigger spring into the sear notch
Line up trigger in trigger case so pin will go
Insert pawl into the trigger casing the post on the
pawl will tuck under the pointed end of sear
Wide side of pawl will be on the top side of the
trigger casing
Line up pawl hole with trigger and trigger case
Tuck pawl spring under the pawl the short leg of
spring is to the right and flat against the trigger
Holding the trigger, pawl and pawl spring together
insert the trigger pin
Pin should go all way through to the other side
Top view of assembled trigger
Safety goes into trigger assembly with the leg
opening up toward the top of the trigger assembly
When installing safety the pawl spring is under the
Push safety into assembly be sure the pawl spring
is under the safety and the open leg is up
Push safety all the way into trigger assembly
See leg opening in correct position
Trigger is completely rebuilt and ready to insert
into your gun
Installing plunger back into your gun
Use a small amount of grease on the plunger head
and inside the back of the plunger casing. Insert
plunger assembly into the barrel
The back on the plunger casing has a flat top and
one with legs. The flat top goes to the top of the
barrel shroud
Using your plunger fork align forks on both sides of
the plunger casing and push forward
Plunger fork will compress plunger spring so
anchor pin can be inserted
Compress plunger fork all the way forward and
install anchor pin with the curve of the pin toward
the back of the gun
Drop anchor pin into barrel shroud be sure the
anchor pin is behind the plunger spring
Installing trigger into barrel. Remove safety from
trigger assembly
Slide trigger assembly into barrel
Line up trigger with the trigger screw holes in the
barrel shroud
Insert the front trigger screw into the barrel and
trigger assembly it is easier to do by holding your
trigger in place from the inside
Tighten screw a couple of threads to hold in place
Insert the back trigger screw into the barrel and
trigger assembly
Tighten screw a couple threads to hold in place
Insert safety into safety hole
With the leg opening to the top of the barrel insert
into barrel make sure the pawl spring is under the
Push safety into place
Safety should fit flat against barrel shroud
Be sure the leg is open inside the barrel shroud
using a flat screw driver to spread it apart
Insert lever into barrel shroud and line up the
screw hole
Insert lever screw
Tighten lever screw
Put nut on lever screw and tighten
You can test your gun to be sure it is working by
cocking the lever and pulling the trigger. If trigger
does not catch push safety forward and pull
Insert stock into barrel shroud
Line up screw holes with the barrel shroud
Screw in side stock screws on both sides of stock
Put nuts on trigger screws and tighten
Replace forearm, push into barrel shroud so holes
will line up for the screws
Replace forearm screws and tighten
Screw top stock screw in place
Insert shot tube in barrel shroud
Tighten shot tube into the abutment
Shot tube should be tight against the barrel shroud
Parts of the trigger assembly
Trigger with post, trigger spring with small amount
of grease
Trigger spring installed on the trigger
Inserting the trigger and trigger spring in the trigger
casing, be sure to line up trigger spring in notch on
the sear
Trigger in trigger casing with pin hole lined up
Inserting pawl into the trigger assembly
Line up pawl in trigger casing, insert post on pawl
under the tip on the sear, wide side of pawl is
closest to you
Pawl inserted in place
Line up pawl with the pin hole
Holding the trigger in place to insert the pawl
Tuck pawl spring under the pawl, short leg of
spring is against the trigger, long leg is toward the
left side of the trigger assembly
Pawl spring is in the correct position ready to insert
the trigger pin
Close up of pawl spring in correct position
Inserting safety into trigger assembly
Safety is installed into the trigger assembly with
the leg opening to the top of the trigger
Tuck pawl spring under the safety
Push safety into the trigger assembly
Safety is installed into the trigger assembly
View of trigger assembly from the front
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