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As the school year approaches towards its end, we have made a summary of the most
activities of the past three months. Here they are:
In March, one of the most important events was a project meeting of our school and
Comenius partners from England, Italy, France and Germany. This time our steps led to
Bexhill (England), project coordinatorВґs seat, where we took part in many interesting
tasks related to the basic aims of the project ( making on different topics). We got
to know the country better and had a great opportunity to visit not only Bexhill, Hastings
and Brighton on the southern coast of England but also London with its beautiful sights.
While a group of 4 students and 2 teachers was in Bexhill, the other students
realized a financial benefit for children in the school. We try to support charity
Besides English , we noticed success in language competitions, especially great
was the victory of our French group who received a lot of beautiful prizes in
the competition in Prague. Moreover, we hold a district conversational
competition in the English language and German or a recitation competition
for younger students. Focus on language teaching and learning at GJP helps us
to be more confident when going abroad or competing in various
Since this period of the year is traditionally dedicated to our exchanges we should not
forget to mention the visit of our students to Diepholz (Germany) in April and visit of
the French partners in SlaviДЌГ­n. We had a great timetogether and hope that our friends
from Germany will enjoy their stay this week.
In April, one of our classes took part in excursion into Planetarium
in Brno where they could admire beautiful wonders of nature.
Among other school activities were: a favourite StudentВґs ball,
a short term meeting with Euro-parliamentarian Thomas Zatloukal
in Brussels, a financial collection for children without homes
and a mathematical competition called Kangaroo.
Members of our dramatic club organized a charitable concert
for Basic schools in SlaviДЌГ­n to support building of PC schoolroom.
Our school won the district volleyball competition which was
a great success for the schoolВґs volleyball players and succeeded in
a floorball tournament too.
In May, we succeeded in a physical, chemical, biological, geographical and
mathematical Olympiads what proved that we could use our knowledge properly
and beat the other students.
Our school band Manteca took part in a Musical festival in Otrokovice.
The Main event (as usual) of the last school term was a favourite traditional event called
ВґMajГЎlesВґ - it is a parade in which students go crosstown dressed up in various costumes. All
members had prepared many funny scenes. At the end of this event, there was a traditional
part of giving keys and handing over them to the classes Septima and G3 which symbolizes
imagine doors to school-leaving exams.
At the end of May, oral school-leaving exams took part for students of Octava and G4. We must
note – everybody passed the examination sucessfully!!!
Congratulations and good luck!!!
And to the others – have a nice summer holiday!!!
En RГ©publique tchГ©quГЁ on fait beaucoup de promenades. En notre Г©cole nous visitons
de la istruction de sport nautiques en deuxiГЁme annГ©e. En troisiГЁme annГ©e on fait du
vГ©lo dans notre tout le pays.
En istruction de sport nautiques nous avons Г©tГ© avec ma classe lВґautre jour. Nous avons
conotГ©. Il a plu mais cВґГ©tait super.
Nous apprenons peu parce qui nous avons vacances
mercredi et nous attendons avec impatience pour les
vacasces. Nous souhaitons une belle et solaires vacances!
Portez-vous bien.
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