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The Elgin Eagle

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Boys Win!
it all. Congratulations to
The Elgin Eagle volleyball the boy’s volleyball team.
team did it again! Walking Even though we are a tier 2
home with gold medals in school, we won tier 1.
February the volley ball
- Brandon
team won all of it. It was a Watch our next possible
close call on the last game win at the basketball
when Elmdale tied with us
tournament !
and went into overtime,
but as our cheer says:
“We’re number 1 not 2 not
3 and not 4!” We came
through cheering, winning
Girls Win Too!
п‚— Serve, spike, volley
and bump, these
are all motions
that we use in
volleyball. It has
been an exciting
year for the girls,
who won gold at
the February
When your class
goes to play in the
gym you can go
and look at the two
banners on the
wall which every
team member has
signed. The girls
won every game
except one of them
and brought home
gold to Elgin. Next
year you should try
out for the
volleyball team if
you like volleyball!
Who knows you
might bring home
gold to Elgin
- Zoe and Riley
Une entrevue avec
Mme. Van Veen
пѓ� Pourquoi vous avez
dГ©cidГ© de venir Г Elgin?
Parce que c’est près de ma
maison et je voulais un
faire des activitГ©s
amusantes avec les enfants.
� Qu’est-ce que vous
aimez le plus Г Elgin?
De bien connaitre la
communautГ© ou vivent
les enfants et qu’il y a des
activitГ©s et opportunitГ©s
Г cette Г©cole que les
� Est-ce que vous avez des enfants n’ont pas dans
plusieurs autres Г©coles.
- Brianna et Ava
J’aime patiner, faire la
bicyclette, faire de la
raquette de neige et le ski
de fond. J’aime aussi jouer
de la guitare et lire. Aussi
manger le chocolat.
пѓ� Quelle est votre chose
prГ©fГ©rГ© de
Voir le progrГЁs et la
crГ©ativitГ© des enfants et
Jackson: Duet for 2 cats
Q: Did you celebrate the Q: Did you like it?
100th day of school?
Beatrice: Yes.
Abigail: Yes
Q: Is it funny?
Q: How did you celebrate Beatrice: Yes.
Q: Why?
Abigail: We got to play
Suzanne: Because it
make lots of funny sounds.
Nina: We made a project of Jana: We are also learning
100 things.
the salsa song.
James: We made necklaces - Maya and Brianna
of 100 fruit loops.
Q: How did you like play
Jackson: It was good.
Q: What opera song are
you learning right now?
Q : Vous avez enseignГ©
Q : Combien d’années dans combien d’autres
est-ce que vous ГЄtes dГ©jГ Г©coles ?
professeur ?
R : 9 Г©coles.
R : 5 ans.
- Hayat, Annie et
Q : OГ№ est-ce que vous Sophie
Г©tГ© nГ©e ?
R : ГЂ Ottawa
Q : Quel Г©tait votre sujet
prГ©fГ©rГ© quand vous Г©tiez
plus jeune ?
R : Les mathГ©matiques
Q : Si vous ne pourriez
pas ГЄtre professeur,
qu’est-ce que vous
aimeriez ГЄtre ?
R : Quelqu’un qui
planifie les cГ©lГ©brations.
 Après d’enseigner à Elgin
pour une totale de 16
annГ©es, M.Marc, le
professeur de la 5iГЁme
annГ©e prend sa retraite.
Nous avons Г©tГ© si
chanceux d’avoir un
professeur avec
beaucoup d’expériences
qui a travaillГ© pour notre
Г©cole merveilleuse. Un
professeur et un
entraГ®neur, M.Marc a
adorГ© son temps Г Elgin.
Pour moi, une Г©lГЁve de
6iГЁme annГ©e, M.Marc
Г©tait mon professeur de
l’année passée. Je vois
comment ma classe a
changГ© Г cause de lui. Il
nous a encouragГ© de
prendre initiative et
d’augmenter nos niveaux
de responsabilitГ©s. En
plus, il nous a aussi
encouragé d’augmenté
nos niveaux physique. Il
nous a aidГ© de gagner
beaucoup de tournois - il
était l’entraîneur de
beaucoup d’équipes à Elgin. L’équipe préféré
qu’il a entraîné était les
Г©quipes mix, quand les
filles et les garçons
jouaient ensembles sur
la mГЄme Г©quipe. Il a dit
qu’il va manquer tout
d’Elgin, les tournois, les
projets avec ses
collГЁgues, les Г©lГЁves et
leurs parents. Le conseil
qu’il donnerait aux
nouveaux professeurs,
est d’écouter leur élèves,
d’être ouvert à des
changements et
finalement d’être
positive. En tout cas
M.Marc Г©tait une partie
essentielle du succГЁs
d’Elgin. On va toujours
lui connaitre comme le
professeur qui a changГ©
notre Г©cole. -Rhea
п‚— After teaching at Elgin
coached at Elgin was the
for a total of 16 years, M.
girls and boys mixed,
Marc, the grade 5 French
when the girls and boys
teacher has retired. We
played each tournament
have been so lucky to
together. He says that he
have had such an
will miss everything
amazing and
from the tournaments,
experienced teacher
to working on projects
working at our
with his colleagues and
wonderful school. As a
meeting great students
teacher and as a coach,
and parents. The advice
he has enjoyed teaching
he would give to younger
here as much as the
and newer teachers
school has enjoyed
would be to listen to your
having him. As a grade 6
students, to be open to
student, having him last
change and finally to be
year as my teacher, I see
positive. In all, M.Marc
how much our class has
has been a vital part to
changed. He encourages
this schools success. We
us to take initiative and
will always remember
take responsibility of our M.Marc as the teacher
school work. Also he has
who changed our school
encouraged us to
for the better.
improve our physical
п‚— -Rhea
state as well as our
academic state. Having
coached so many of our
sports teams, M.Marc
has led Elgin to success.
He admits that his
favorite team that he has
l’art oratoire
Book Review
En février on a eu l’art HARRY POTTER AND
oratoire pour les juniors. THE
Trois élèves de chaque PHILOSOPHER’S
classe Г©taient Г©lus pour STONE
y participer. Sophie de la
5ieme annГ©e Г©tait la
gagnante de notre Г©cole. Harry Potter was only 1 years
old when his parents (James
Elle a reprГ©sentГ© Elgin and Lily Potter) died by the
dans l’art oratoire au
evil Lord Voldemort also
niveau du conseil. Bravo known as You-Know-Who.
But Harry did weird things all
Annie !!
the time! He thought that he
was a normal boy but actually
he was a wizard. Harry went to
Hogwarts, a school for witches
and wizards. Along the way he
meets Ronald Weasley and
Hermione Granger. Together
they go on an amazing
adventure. Read it to find out
п‚— - Athena
 “It really inspired me to
п‚— It was with much
enthusiasm that Mrs.
Lipsett’s and Mme
Bauer’s class went to the
national We Day event п‚—
held at the Canadian
Tire center on April 9th.
This is a special day
where schools unite to п‚—
get inspired by speeches
and music on how to
make a difference in the
world. We day was first п‚—
created 7 years ago by
the founders of “Free the
Children” Craig and
Marc Kielburger . It was
a privilege for our classes
to attend. Here are some
thoughts of some of our
students about this
special event:
 “It was pretty fun and
inspiring!” –Shade
 “It was good.” – Joya
want to make a change
in the world.” – Zac
“Some parts were very
inspiring.” – Carson
“It was fun, interesting,
informative and
inspiring!” – Imogen
“There were good
speeches.” - Tyla
“It was really fun. I really
liked it.” – Zachary
“Everything was
awesome.” - Brandon
Here are the runner-ups:
There was once a cat,
That had a shiny hat.
His name was Matt, Matt the
He was a friendly cat
That had a friend who was a
He always slept on his comfy
When he didn’t play with his
friendly bat.
- Janna
Thanks to all those who
entered our poetry contest.
When I go to the beach
I want to eat a peach
When I take a ferry
I snack on a ripe cherry
When I hear a toot-toot
I chomp on a dragon fruit
When I ride a zip line
I celebrate with keylime
When I go to the candy store
I don’t eat apples anymore
Movie Night
Books, books, I love books.
Books about hooks, books in
book nooks.
I love books.
Children screaming
with delight,
A book about crooks I adore
Oh thank God it’s
movie night.
Books about cats or even
Popcorn popping,
I love books!
music rocking,
Skipping, hopping,
Books about this, books
adults talking.
about that!
Books about here, books
Movie screens
about there,
bright, turn out the
I love books!
A book in a tree, a book on The excitement of
our movie night!
Oh no! Don’t let the books
Top 10 Things To Do On A Sleepover
Great question! The answer is in 1863 at
Cambridge University; a group of Englishmen
formed the football association and invented the
modern game of Football.
1. Fruit smoothies and tasty milkshakes
2. Fun crafts and science experiments
Magical makeovers and nail salon
Amazing pranks
Watch fun movies
Have a yummy snack
Have a Dance-A-Thon
Have a fashion show
Tell scary stories
Stay up (P.S. make sure it is a
Is it my turn yet?
Ok Moon, go ahead.
- Chelsea and Isabelle
Sun and Moon
Have any questions, problems? Then
ask Sun and Moon. If they don’t know
the answer, then they will at least point
you in the right direction.
Congratulations you are reading Elgin’s
question & answer column “Sun and
Hi, this is Sun.
And I’m Moon!!!
Stop it Moon!!! It’s my turn.
Ok, fine go ahead.
Moon and I received several questions. So, I’ll
tell you the first one, and then Moon will tell you
the other.
Our first question is: Who invented football?
YAY!!! Well the second
question is: Why are dinosaurs
extinct??? Wow! Another
great question!!! There is no
definite proven reason why
they are extinct but I can tell
you 3 ways that they did not
become extinct. Example 1:
Dino Dance Party. Example 2:
The Jurassic Park Cult.
Example 3: Alien Abduction.
Well that’s our paper limit so,
have a good day and night!!! And
don’t forget to write us
questions, Bye!!!
Brianna and Abby
п‚— One of our
students, Nicholas
from Mme
McLaughlin’s class
bringing Elgin’s
paper to the
recycling bin!
п‚— Congratulations
п‚— Our students are
… to the overall winner
of our school of the 2014
doing a great job
Engineering Challenge:
in composting as
Zane, Anthony and Ian.
well! According to
Kevin, we’ve cut
down our garbage
by half! Way to go
Ms. Lipsett’s 5/6 class
Mrs. Leonard’s 3 / 4
п‚— Most pictures by
Athena, Maya,
Mme. France’s 1 / 2 class
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