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Education in Russia - Valdosta State University

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Education in Russia
By: Micah John Smith
History of Russian Education
• Russia's higher education system started with the
foundation of the universities in Moscow and St.
Petersburg in the middle of the 18th century.
• In Soviet times all of the population in Russia had at
least a secondary education. The pursuit of higher
education was and still is considered to be very
• Due in great part to demands of the international
educational organizations, the system of education in
Russia began to change over the past four to five years.
Universities began transitioning to a system similar to
that of Britain and the USA: 4 years for the Bachelor's
degree and 2 years for a Master's degree.
The Russian School System
• In Russia, children begin Kindergarten at the age
of 18 months.
• Many schools in Russia are specialized by group of
subjects. It could be math and physics, biology and
chemistry, or foreign languages. In those schools you
have all the required classes plus extra hours of the
subject you specialize in.
• Russian children usually learn a variety of languages
during their early childhood.
Russian School System
• Russia's top universities have very competitive entry
requirements, and special entry exams are held each
• One of the great attractions of education in Russia is
the cost, especially when compared to the quality.
Degree study tuition can range from $2000 to $8000
per year, with other costs (room & board, books, etc.)
ranging from $1500 to $5000 per year, depending on
location and spending habits.
Training Russian Teachers
• A very important part of Russia's education system is
the training of teachers. There are three levels:
primary/basic, secondary and higher level teachers.
– Training of pre-primary and primary/basic school teachers
Non-university level educational institutions train teachers for
pre-primary and primary schools. The duration of the course
is two to four-and-a-half years. Some teacher training
institutions of university level train teachers for primary
schools. The course lasts for five years. Graduates of these
two types of educational institutions may exercise the
Training Russian Teachers
– Training of secondary
school teachers
Teacher training is carried
out in teacher training
institutions. The program
lasts for at least five years.
Graduates may enter the
Training Russian Teachers
– Training of higher
education teachers
University teachers must
have followed postgraduate training. A
scientific degree is
compulsory. Lecturers are
appointed on a contract
basis by the departments,
tenured professors are
appointed by the
Russia, Cheap and Economical for
• Russian education is cheap and the Russian
lifestyle is still not of a high standard as of the
European countries but since the country is
going through a very progressive economical
change, the inflation problem is as same as
anywhere in the world.
Russia, Cheap and Economical for
• The usual yearly inflation
is between 7% to 20%!
The cost of living is also
rapidly increasing but still
one of the cheapest
among the European
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