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The Cold War - Schaumburg High School

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The Cold War
Soviet Control of Eastern Russia
• Alliance between US, Great Britain and
the Soviet Union unraveled
• Soviets occupied most of Eastern Europe
• Rise in Communism
• Hungary, Poland- Satellite Nations
• Stalin ordered purges and relocated whole
The Iron Curtain
• Soviet Union crushed all opposition in the
nations of Eastern Europe after 1945
• A new threat
• Truman’s “get tough” policy
The Strength of Communism
• Soviet troops were the most powerful in
• Soviets created a buffer zone on its
western border
Communism’s Promises
• Promised to abolish poverty, privilege, and
private property
• Guaranteed productive work, shelter,
education, health care, and a classless
• Forces of progression and oppression
• Guerilla forces started up in poverty
stricken countries
What’s Their Sign?
• Truman’s policy of containment
• Cold War began, state of war that did not
involve actual bloodshed
The Truman Doctrine and the
Marshall Plan
• Truman Doctrine
– The United States provide military and
economic aid to Greece and Turkey
• Marshall Plan
– Recovery plan for European nations
– American aid in the form of money, supplies
and machinery would help end hunger,
poverty, desperation and chaos.
The Berlin Airlift
• Germany was divided between the US,
GB, and the Soviet Union
• The Soviet Union closed of West Germany
to Berlin
• Massive airlift of supplies; carried food,
medicine, clothing, raw materials and coal
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
• Formation of Alliances, April 1949 (US,
GB, France, the Netherlands,
Luxembourg, Iceland, Denmark, Norway,
and Portugal; Greece, Turkey, and West
Germany joined later.)
• Collective Security
– Attack on one is considered an attack on all
The East Side
• Soviets explode their first atomic bomb in
September of 1949
• A new arms race was on!!!
• The US and Soviet Union along with Great
Britain, France, and China soon all had
nuclear capability.
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