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Do you know Britain?

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The Geographical Position
of Great Britain
• The United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland covers an area of some
244 thousand square miles. The
population of Britain is over 56 million.
The territory of the country is divided
into four parts: England, Scotland, Wales
and Northern Ireland.
The Geographical Position
of Great Britain
• England is in the southern and central
part of Britain. Scotland is in the north of
the island. Wales is in the west. Northern
Ireland is situated in the north-eastern
part of Ireland. The largest cities of
Britain are London, Birmingham,
Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and
• London is one the biggest
cities in the world. It’s not
only a capital of Britain,
it’s a large business and
commercial centre.
London stands on the
Thames. The Thames
remains Britain’s busiest
waterway, as well as
being a place for people to
relax or foot along the
• Westminster is the
historical area in
London. Famous
monuments and
buildings are there.
One of the most
beautiful places is
Westminster Abbey.
There is one place in
Westminster Abbey
which the tourists like
to visit most of all.
This is the Poet’s
• Many greatest poets and writers are buried there. One can
also see there the memorials to Shakespeare, Byron, Burns
and Walter Scott.
• Westminster Palace is the seat of the British Parliament. The
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a
constitutional monarchy. Parliament is the most important
authority in Britain. The monarch serves formally as head of
state. The present sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II( the
Political System of Great
• The House of Commons is
presided over by the
Speaker. The House of
Lords is presided by the
Lord Chancellor.
Parliament is responsible
for British national policy.
Local governments are
responsible for organizing
such services as
education, police and
many others.
Big Ben
• There are two tall
towers at the corners
of the building.
One of them is the
Clock Tower with the
famous Big Ben. This
tower has become a
visiting-card of the
British capital as well
as the Tower or
Westminster Palace.
The Tower
• Another place
which is worth
seeing in London is
for sure the Tower.
The Tower is
situated on the
north bank of the
Thames. It dates
from the Roman
times and was
strengthened by
William the
The Tower
• In different times
this castle was a
fortress, a royal
palace, a prison.
Now it is a
museum of armour
and also the place
where Crown
Jewels are kept.
Trafalgar Square
• Trafalgar
Square is
to be the
very centre
of London.
Trafalgar Square
• In the middle of
Trafalgar Square
stands the
monument to
admiral Nelson.
It’s a tall column
with a statue of
Nelson at its top.
At the bottom of
the column there
are four bronze
St. Paul’s Cathedral
• The greatest of
English churches
is St. Paul’s
Wellington ,
Nelson and other
great men of
England are buried
under the huge
dome of the
The Royal Albert Hall
• The musical public has grown steadily
larger, and can support nightly concert
halls, The Royal Festival Hall and The
Royal Albert Hall.
British Universities
For seven
Oxford and
the British
British Universities
• Those who come to
Oxford certainly are
interested in its university
most of all. It was founded
in the 12th century. But
there is no “university” as
such in Oxford. The
component parts of the
University of Oxford are
the colleges. Each college
is practically autonomous.
But they do not stand in
isolation, they are mixed
together with houses ,
shops and offices.
British Universities
• The colleges vary
very much in size
and extent of
grounds and
buildings, and also
in eminence. The
biggest and most
magnificent is
Christ Church, the
chapel of which is
also Oxford
British Universities
• The University
arranges lectures,
examinations, and
awards degrees,
but there is no
single building
which can be
called “the
British Museum
• Speaking about
London it is
impossible to say
nothing about its
museums. The
British Museum is
one of the bestknown for its library,
reading room, the
collection of
British Museum
• It shows works of
art from ancient
Asia, Egypt, Rome
and Greece side by
side with those of
Great Britain and
other countries.
• Cardiff is the capital of
Wales and its chief port.
Cardiff is also a tourist
centre. There are some
places of interest there: the
Castle, National Museum of
Wales, New Theatre, Welsh
Folk Museum. The Welsh
people love singing. That’s
why Wales is sometimes
called “the land of song”.
One of the Welsh traditions
is festivals. Song festivals
are very popular and usually
gather a lot of people.
• Edinburgh is a
city where the
historic past
lives side by
side with the
Castle is the
most famous
building in the
• Edinburgh is
especially famous
for its festivals. In
summer there is
the Edinburgh
Festival. This is
Britain’s biggest
arts festival.
Besides the
official festival
there is also an
unofficial festival.
• There is a
monument in Great
Britain which is as
interesting to the
tourists as the
Egyptian pyramids.
This is Stonehenge.
Stones stand here in
circles or are
arranged into a
horseshoe shape.
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