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Отчизна Дон Кихотов
Ученица 6Б класса
Саитова Элина
Ромасенко Ирина Нуртдиновна
Education in Siberia
Цели и задачи проекта
Образовательный аспект: совершенствовать лексикограмматический уровень языка.
Развивающий аспект: формировать навык самостоятельной и
индивидуальной работы.
Познавательный аспект: способствовать развитию социокультурного компонента.
Воспитательный аспект: прививать патриотизм, чувство
Гипотеза: is 2011- period of new generation.
2011 – is the century of new millennium, which is full
of different events, facts and modern projects.
2010 – was famous in celebration of the most important
and unforgettable holiday the 65th anniversary of Victory Pay.
And living in West Siberia let’s mention our remarkable events.
Surgut is not my town of birth,
But let me describe it at length.
Among different ethnic population
Khanty is a native nation.
The region is full of natural resource,
Gas and oil-is well-known of course.
Cultural level this town includes,
Cinemas theatres inspire people’s mood.
Rich forests with berries and mushrooms are as wealth,
Owing to them we improve our health.
Surgut is well developed in sport,
The brilliant results for world brought.
Let’s mention Oxana Veryovka is a swimmer,
Took part in Sidney Olympiad was a winner.
Surgut is not far from Khanty-Mansysk,
The town of biathlon risk.
In such kind of sport as biathlon,
Svetlana Sleptsova is a champion.
The best sportsman of the year,
She is much spoken everywhere.
In Surgut there are 46 schools,
And my number 10 is rather cool.
Number 10 school is 35 years old,
Since that there were a lot of leaders
with medals made of gold.
Surgut is the best place to live in it,
And I can’t thinking about it.
Speaking about glorious people of Surgut
I’m in so good mood
Let me describe the best one
This is a head miss of school mine.
Owing to her character
She rules like a strict manager
It’s out of question that
Her job is not easy
So as a lot of work
And she is always busy.
Yelena Vladimirovna has been teaching the 9th class
The result of exam was master class
The highest percent of Maths studding
Among gymnasiums and lyceums was quickly rising.
She inspires to create
That’s why theWall of Glory
Includes diplomas and certificates
It really looks grate
With the projects of the pupils and teachers
Who are our leaders.
The pupils can specialize in Maths, Biology and English
To realize their professional wish
My dream is to leave it with the last bell
To continue study and then work well
Our school is the best place to educate in it
And I can’t thinking about it.
This year we celebrate the 80th anniversary of our
region.We are the pupils, but also take part in this
event, make contribution in this deal. On the 15th of
November we had the best opportunity to be invited
to the Central library and to get prizes, diplomas and certificate for active
part in competition which was devoted to Surgut. More than 80 pupils of
different schools prepared video films and compositions about our town. It
was about the places of interest, about famous, interesting facts.
Last year is devoted to our teacher.This profession is exhausted,
difficult, but at the same time is interesting.This is not a job, this is a
way of life. Owing to the tutors will influence our future.They give us
all their knowledge.
And we have to remember the dates of history, create new projects,
deeds and improve future life in spite of political and economical
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