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Welcome to Sweden – from a business point of view

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Welcome to Sweden
– from a business point of view
Country, date
Speaker: Name
What do the telephone handset and
the Celsius thermometer have in
common with the pacemaker
and the computer mouse?
They are all
Swedish inventions
used every day worldwide.
The key market in
Northern Europe
An export-dependent
free trade nation
Founded in 1937, Saab now
makes world-leading products.
Packaging firm Tetra Pak
can now be found in space.
Electrolux, founded in 1910,
today makes robot vacuum
The origin of
tomorrow’s industries
A world leader in
research and development
• Highest R&D spending in the OECD
• Third most patents in the world
• Most innovative country in the world
Maria Strömme
Professor of
HГҐkan Lans
Swedish inventor in
computer technology
Arvid Carlsson
Nobel Prize winner in
physiology or medicine
Mathias UhlГ©n
Professor of microbiology
International prizes from Sweden
International prizes from Sweden
The Nobel Prize – the most prestigious award in
physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine,
literature, peace and economic sciences
• Architecture
* The Ralph Erskine Award
• Environment
* The Stockholm Water Prize
* The Swedish Baltic Sea Water
• Human Rights
* The World’s Children’s Prize
for the Rights of the Child
* The Right Livelihood Award
• Literature
* The Astrid Lindgren Memorial
• Music
* The Polar Music Prize
• Photography
* The Hasselblad Award
• Arts
* The Carnegie Art Award
Green technology
– a world necessity
– introducing your future
SymbioCity is a network of Swedish companies and
organizations promoting sustainable urban development
Leading country
in life sciences
Key nation for IT and
telecom development
A fast growing tourism
and meeting destination
“The midnight sun, the snowbound winters,
meatballs, herring, Vikings and Volvos,
ABBA and The Hives – whatever your
pre-existing notions about Sweden may be,
a visit to this multifaceted country is bound
to both confirm and confound them.”
Photo collage from Visit
How is this possible?
Stable and supportive
financial market
• The world’s first central bank
• Fast growing financial services sector
Business with corporate
social responsibility
“The Government encourages companies to
follow the OECD Guidelines for Multinational
Enterprises and to respect the principles
contained in the Global Compact, wherever
in the world they happen to be active.
However, it is important that companies
themselves feel a sense of ownership and
pursue these issues.”
Said by Ewa Björling, Minister for Trade.
Skilled and productive workforce
• A third of
has tertiary
• Productivity
is among
the highest
in the world
A straightforward trade
• Smooth border administration
• Efficient transportation and
communications systems
• Modern business environment
• Non-corrupt country
The Swedish pavilion at
Expo 2010
A connected country
A large nation connected with
modern technology and an
efficient network of roads,
airports and harbors
HMK Crown princess Victoria
Key facts about Sweden
Stockholm (59°21′N 18°4′E)
9.3 million
Constitutional monarchy,
parliamentary democracy
1 krona (SEK) = 100 Г¶re
The Riksdag,
with 349 members in one chamber
174,000 sq mi (450,000 kmВІ),
the third largest country in Western Europe
Monarch / Head of State:
Longest north–south
King Carl XVI Gustaf
Prime Minister:
978 mi (1,574 km)
Fredrik Reinfeldt
Longest east–west
EU accession:
310 mi (499 km)
January 1995
For more information about Sweden:
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