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Selection in ParaView

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Selection in ParaView
Utkarsh Ayachit
Kitware Inc.
• Mechanism to identify subset of a dataset
• Focus on selected subset
• Inspect properties of the subset
• Further process subset alone
• Track subset over time
Focus on subset
Track subset over time
Selection in ParaView
• What are we selecting?
• Data produced by a source
• Active Selection
• One application wide selection
• All views show the same selection if possible
• Creating a new selection results in removing the old one
• Transient: cannot be saved in state files, does not respect
Selection Components
• Selection Inspector
• Inspect the active selection
• Spreadsheet View
• Inspect the selected data
Active Selection Inspector
• Accessible through View |
Selection Inspector
• Used to create/modify active
• Shows the properties of the
active selection
• Control how the active selection
is shown
Create new selection
Active selection
Selection type
Selected cells ids
Selection display
Spreadsheet View
• Used to view the raw cell/point
• To create: split an existing view
and select “Spreadsheet view”
• Display tab provides option to
view only selected items
What is
shown in
the view
Show only
selected items
Attribute shown
Select block
to inspect
Selecting using 3D View
• Surface cells/points
• Cells/Points within a frustum
• Blocks in a composite dataset
Select Cells on surface
• Used to select any set of visible
cells on the surface of a dataset
• Representation should be
points / wireframe / surface /
surface with edges
• With 3D view active, use the
�Select Cells On’
tool button
(shortcut �S’) to enter selection
• Click and drag to select cells
Select Points on surface
• Same as selecting cells on
surface except use �Select
Points On’
tool button.
Selection Linking
• Selection is linked among all
views (whenever possible)
• Active selection is shown in all
view (whenever possible)
Select Cells Through
• Select all cells intersecting a
• Use �Select Cells Through’
• Selection Inspector has a check
button to show the selection
• Use �Select Points Through’
for selecting points
Select Blocks
• Select blocks in a composite dataset
Composite Datasets
• Composite datasets are
datasets comprising of other
• Group together assemblies:
• Adaptive mesh refinement:
Select Blocks
• Use �Select Block’ (shortcut �B’)
to select blocks in a composite
• Keep Ctrl pressed when
clicking to add to existing
selected blocks
Selecting using Spreadsheet View
• Can create Point/Cell index
based selections (depending on
what attribute is being shown)
• Click to select rows as one
would in any spreadsheet
• Can use modifiers such as Ctrl,
Shift while selecting
• Selection is shown in all views
Selecting using Selection Inspector
• Create new selections
• Convert selections
• id based to global id based
• frustum to id based
• Modify existing selection
Location based selection
• Select cell enclosing the
location or select point closet to
the location within a threshold
• Created using the Selection
Inspector and changing the
selection type to Locations
• Provides widgets to specify
Threshold based selection
• Select cells or points that have
an attribute value within the
specified range
• Created using Selection
Labeling Selected Items
• Label selected cells/points
using Selection Inspector
• Choose the array/id to label
Extract Selection
• Extract selected subset for
further processing
• Create �Extract Selection’ filter
• Make selection and �Copy
Active Selection’
• Hit �Apply’
Extract Selection
• Once a selection is extracted
it’s treated as a first class data
• One can apply filters to it as
• Extracted selection get saved in
state files.
Plot Selection over Time
• Plot data variable changes over
time for a set of cells or points
• Use �Plot Selection Over Time’
• Make selection and �Copy
Active Selection’
• Output can be shown on a XY
Plot Selection over Time
• Changes for each cell/point
selected can be plotted, one at
a time, by choosing the block
on the Display Tab
Selection provides mechanism to focus on a subset of the dataset
Selection identifies the cells/points in the output of a filter/source
Active selection is shown in all views (when applicable)
Selection inspector can be used to create/modify the active selection
Spreadsheet view can be used to explore the attribute values for the
selected items
• Extracting a selection makes it possible to further processes the
selected subset
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