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FAQ Faculty Disclosure and Resolution of Conflict of Interest

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UCSF School of Medicine
OCME Program
Frequently Asked
Faculty Disclosure
and Resolution
of Conflict of Interest
What are The ACCME Updated
Standards for Commercial Support?
In September 2004, the ACCME adopted the
updated Standards for Commercial Support to
strengthen the mechanisms to prevent the potential
for commercial bias in CME Activities. The new
standards promote the development of effective
strategies to ensure full disclosure of faculty
relationships with commercial entities and the
subsequent resolution of potential conflicts of
interest, and the provision of evidence based
information to learners.
What is the ACCME’s
definition of a Commercial
The ACCME defines a “Commercial
Interest” as any proprietary entity
producing health care goods or services,
with the exception of non-profit or
government organizations.
What is a Relevant Financial
Relevant financial relationships are those
relationships in which the individual benefits by
receiving salary, royalty, intellectual property
rights, consulting fees, honoraria, ownership
interest or other financial benefit from a
commercial support entity within the past 12
months. ACCME considers relationships of the
person involved in a CME activity to include
financial relationships of a spouse or partner.
What Types of Financial
Relationships Constitute a
Conflict of Interest?
Circumstances create a conflict of
interest when an individual has an
opportunity to affect CME content
about the products or services of a
commercial interest with which
he/she has a financial relationship.
How Can Conflict of Interest
Be Managed?
In order to manage conflict of
interest, we must know about
relevant financial relationships
prior to the activity being
developed and delivered to the
Who Has to Disclose?
All individuals who are engaged in the
planning of a CME activity must
complete a faculty disclosure form prior
to the rendering of an educational
activity. This includes activity directors,
program chairs, planning committee
members, faculty speakers, authors,
moderators and editors.
When is Disclosure Provided?
Individuals involved in the planning of a CME
activity are required to complete the OCME
Faculty disclosure form 6-12 months prior to
the activity.
Individuals involved in the presentation or
teaching of an educational activity are required
to complete the OCME faculty disclosure form
4-6 weeks prior to the activity.
Can I Refuse To Disclose?
An individual who does not disclose or
who refuses to disclose is disqualified
from participating in a UCSF CME
How Do We Resolve a Conflict
of Interest?
All faculty involved with the planning
or teaching of a CME activity who
disclose a conflict of interest must
resolve that conflict prior to the CME
activity. Mechanisms for resolution
include the following:
Resolution Methods
 Support the presentation with “Best
Available Evidence”
п‚Ё Refrain from providing clinical
recommendations regarding products or
services of a commercial entity
п‚Ё Recommend an alternate speaker
п‚Ё Submit presentation for peer review
п‚Ё Divest oneself of the financial interest
What Happens After a
Conflict of Interest Has Been
Identified and Resolved?
Resolution of the conflict of interest
must also be made known to the learners
in advance of the educational activity.
This can be accomplished via podium
announcement, promotional materials,
syllabus, first slide or moderator
Will I Receive Feed-Back on
Perceived Bias in My Course or
All CME activities are systematically surveyed for
audience perception of commercial bias as part of
the post activity evaluation. The results of the
evaluation will be discussed with the activity
chair, planning committee members and
Governing Board for future planning efforts.
ACCME Updated Standards for
Commercial Support
UCSF Office of Continuing Medical
Additional Questions
Robert B. Baron, MD, MS
Associate Dean for CME
Office of Continuing Medical Education
(415) 476-4251
Kolette Dye, Manager Accreditation and
Educational Development
Office of Continuing Medical Education
(415) 476-6124
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