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Schism, Russia, &
Unit 2, SSWH 4 c, e, & b
What was the impact of the Byzantine
and Mongol empires?
SSWH 4 c, e, & b
Explain the Great Schism of 1054 CE.
Explain the Ottoman Empire’s role in the decline of
Byzantium and the capture of Constantinople in
1453 CE.
Describe the relationship between the Roman and
Byzantine Empires; include the impact Byzantium
had on Moscow and the Russian Empire, the effect
of Byzantine culture on Tsar Ivan III and Kiev, and
the rise of Constantinople as a center for law,
religion, and the arts.
Emperor Constantine
• Victorious after praying & wearing
the cross on uniforms became a
• Edict of Milan: ended persecution
of Christians
• 380 AD, Emperor Theodosius
declared Christianity the official
• Schism: Division of the Christian Church
• Catholicism in the West (Pope in Rome) &
Orthodox in the East (Patriarch in
• Distance changes churches
• Roman Pope & Byzantine Emperor
fought over icons Pope excommunicated
the emperor (kicked out of
the church), Pope wanted icons
• 1054 Church splits
Russia & Byzantium
• Russia became increasingly more
Greek (Byzantine) because of
trade & religion
• Cyrillic Alphabet: created by
Byzantine missionaries for
Russians by Methodius & Cyril (used
to spread Christianity with a Bible)
Kiev: Major trading city
• Sailed to Byzantium
• Religion of Byzantine(Greek Orthodox) –
emperor Vladimir became ruler of church &
state (influenced him & his ruling)
• Political marriages were made
(Emperor Yarsolav & Ivan III)
• Yaroslav created a legal code
like Justinian Code
• Fell Apart: sons of Yaroslav
fought for control when he retired
Moscow & Czar Ivan III
• Moscow: combined cultures
(Byzantine, Viking, Mongol),
center of trade & religion
• Ivan III: took Russian
name Czar for Caesar
challenged Mongol
rule & won (freed Moscow
from foreign control)
Decline of Byzantine
• Massive plagues, riots, religious
quarrels, invasions: start the decline
• Leaders of Byzantine & Russia used
bribes, diplomacy, political
marriages, & the military
to prevent invasions from foes
• Ottoman Turks, Seljuks, overran empire
Ottomans capture Constantinople 1453
• 3: Name 3 influences that the
Byzantines had on Russia.
• 2: Name 2 main causes for the fall of
the Byzantine Empire.
• 1: What is one thing that split the
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