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AD Bruce Religion Center

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Mission Statement
The A. D. Bruce Religion Center is a member of the family of University
Centers at the University of Houston and is committed to…
• providing a home for the spirit of learning,
• developing community,
• and encouraging interfaith dialogue
within a diverse university community.
The A.D. Bruce Religion Center is the home that provides opportunities
to develop partnerships among students, faculty, staff, alumni
and guests of the University of Houston each day
as they journey on their course of self-discovery.
The A.D. Bruce Religion Center Story
•Named after former UH President General A. D. Bruce
•Dedicated in May 1965
•Funding came from several sources
including money raised by Houston churches
•Eleven Charter Members – raised a minimum of $10,000
•Charter Members have offices
as long as they have an organized presence at UH
•Over 130 weddings, funerals, memorials, baptisms,
quinceaГ±eras & other special events annually
•Will celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2015!
Assistant Vice President for Student Development
University Centers
A.D. Bruce Religion Center
University Centers Facilities and Operations
A.D. Bruce Religion Center
Policy Board
Students (2)
Faculty (2)
Charter members
Manager (ex officio)
Students (2)
Campus Ministries Association
Custodian (1)
Campus Ministries at UH - CMA
2nd Floor
Catholic Campus Ministry – Newman*
Episcopal / Canterbury
United Campus Ministries (Presbyterian, United Church of Christ & Disciples of Christ)
1st Floor
Baptist Student Ministries* (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship & IV International)
B-nai B’rith / Hillel*
Christian Scientists
Church of Christ / The Point
Houston Lutheran Campus Ministries (ELCA)
Lutheran Campus Ministries (Missouri Synod)
United Methodist – Wesley Foundation (Campus House of Prayer, Mission 24 &
Every Nation Campus Ministry)
Student Organizations
Interfaith and Dialogue Student Association (1st Floor)
Muslim Student Association (2nd Floor)
Off Campus Ministries
Chi Alpha
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
*Also has an off campus facility
GOALS for FY 2012
пЃ¶ Goal: The University Centers will work toward integrating
programs, services, operations and facilities.
пѓ� Strategy: Maintain and expand the established partnership with relevant
пЃ¶ Goal: Maintain and increase marketing and public relations efforts
for the University Centers organization to expand
awareness of the services, programs and facilities.
пѓ� Strategy: Continue to identify on-line wedding planning sites to market the
Chapel at A.D. Bruce as well as the reception facilities at the
University Center and the University Hilton for after event
GOALS for FY 2012 continued…
пѓ� Strategy: Coordinate planning with CMA and other university departments
for the annual University Memorial Service each spring to honor
the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university
that have passed away.
пѓ� Strategy: Continue with the development of new content and revisions within the
A.D. Bruce Religion Center web pages for the new website.
пЃ¶ Goal: Marketing for the A.D. Bruce Religion Center
пѓ� Strategy: Complete the installation of purchased gripper strips for the various
locations in order to post room information and daily calendar of events.
пѓ� Strategy: Establish Twitter account to help promote events at the A. D. Bruce
Religion Center.
пѓ� Strategy: Work with the UH Alumni Association to 1) develop a list of alumni who
were married in the Chapel, and 2) promote re-commitment ceremonies.
пѓ� Strategy: Develop the planning process and calendar for promoting the 50th
Anniversary of the A.D. Bruce Religion Center in 2015.
GOALS for FY 2012 continued…
пЃ¶ Goal: Explore ways to expand, enhance or modify retail services and
programs to improve student & customer satisfaction and
convenience and generate additional revenues.
пѓ� Strategy: Identify new revenue streams to support the operation of the
Religion Center. Continue to utilize EMS for customer inquiries and
sales reservations.
пЃ¶ Goal: Continue to work toward improved Center operations and services.
пѓ�Strategy: Continue work on the expanded development and use of the computerized
EMS through new configurations to include campus ministry office spaces
as special event locations for their events.
пѓ�Strategy: Develop event service standards for student assistants and housekeeping
пѓ�Strategy: Develop plan of action for short term and long term building and
maintenance concerns.
GOALS for FY 2012 continued…
пЃ¶ Objective: Continue renovation efforts and sustainability initiatives to
maintain facilities and equipment in a fully operational and
aesthetically attractive condition.
пѓ�Strategy: Continue to refine a plan of action for cleaning, repair and
restoration of the Religion Center with the assistance of UC staff.
пЃ¶ Objective: Continue to enhance reservation services and technology
support to increase efficiency and effectiveness for our many
customers and departmental/division staff as appropriate.
пѓ�Strategy: Continue to develop uses of the customer kiosk for event reservations;
place all event reservations forms on the Religion Center
GOALS for FY 2012 continued…
пЃ¶Objective: Contribute to supporting the professional and
personal growth and development of staff,
volunteers and campus ministers while
empowering ownership for the management
and maintenance of our facilities, programs
and services.
пѓ� Strategy: Continue to develop a plan of action to incorporate
housekeeping staff in the planning and development
of daily, weekly, yearly cleaning objectives for
A.D. Bruce Religion.
пѓ� Strategy: Continue to develop plans to revive the A.D. Bruce
Religion Center’s Policy Board.
Programs &
A.D. Bruce Religion Center
A.D. Bruce Religion Center
A.D. Bruce Religion Center
Religious Studies
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
To illustrate the Center’s usage,
A.D. Bruce Religion Center events for 2010-2011 fiscal year
as of the middle of October
include the following Event Bookings
by customer types…
560 – 15 UH registered student organizations
315 – Charter Member Groups & CMA
102 – UH campus departments
58 – UH students, faculty, staff and alumni
123 – The greater Houston community
These event bookings to date entered
into the event management system already amount to 3,056 event hours.
A.D. Bruce Religion Center – Traffic Counts
Spring 2010
Summer 2010
Fall 2010
FY 2011 – One Time Allocation Requests
пЃ¶ A portion of the utilities cost not covered by the endowment from the
Rockwell Foundation.
Utilities Total $21,605
пЃ¶ To support the glazing of 36 additional exterior windows which are
located in the east wing of the A. D. Bruce Religion Center.
Glazing of exterior windows Total - $338,676
пЃ¶ To support the replacement of carpet in the public areas on the 2nd
floor of A.D. Bruce Religion Center.
Carpet Replacement Total - $19,121
пЃ¶ To support student wages and benefits for Spring 2011.
Student Wages & Benefits Total - $6,658.00
A.D. Bruce Religion Center
Justification for
Glazing Project
Glazing Project – FY11
Justification for Carpeting Project
Carpeting Project - FY11
FY 2012 – Base Allocation Requests
пЃ¶ A portion of the utilities cost not covered by the endowment from the
Rockwell Foundation.
Utilities Total - $21,605
пЃ¶To support student wages and benefits for fall & spring semesters.
Student Wages
& Benefits Total - $13,386
A.D. Bruce Religion Center
Thank you!
An education consists of giving all that you can to the body, mind and spirit.
The A.D. Bruce Religion Center at The University of Houston
Questions & Answers
A.D. Bruce Religion Center
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