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I Pledge Allegiance
To the Flag
Of the United States of America
And to the Republic
For Which It Stands
One Nation
Under God,
With Liberty
And Justice
For All.
Voices: Linda Kwasniewski’s first grade class 2002-2003 - Forest City Elementary School, Forest City, NC
Image Source: Microsoft Office Clipart
The Pledge of Allegiance
What are we saying when we say it?
I pledge allegiance…
What is a pledge?
* A pledge is a promise.
Have you ever made a promise to someone?
Why is it important to keep promises?
*To pledge allegiance means to promise to be
loyal or true to someone or something.
Do you have friends you are loyal to?
How are you loyal to them?
Source: Children in tulips -
to the flag…
*The flag is a symbol of our country.
What is a symbol?
A symbol is something that stands for or represents
something else.
The flag stands for our country.
What other kinds of symbols can you think of?
*When we pledge allegiance to the flag, we are promising to be loyal and
true to our country.
These children are saying the pledge.
What are they doing that is different from us?
Are they still promising to be true to our country?
New York, New York students pledging allegiance to the flag in public school eight in an Italian-American section.
Source: Library of Congress – American Memory
of the United States of America...
*United means joined together. All of our states are joined
together to make one country.
The people who live in our country are also united.
Source: Microsoft Office Clipart
Are these children united?
How are they joined together?
Do we have to hold hands to be united?
No. Being united just means we stick together.
Can you think of some ways you and your family
or you and your friends are united?
Source: Microsoft Office Clipart
Are these children
Could they be
Why do you think as
you do?
Upper left: Child standing, facing front, possibly from the visit by Alan Lomax and Mary Elizabeth Barnicle to Andros Island in the Bahamas; Upper
right: Girl in pantaloons standing by bench; Lower left: Girl standing; railway train in background; Lower right: Girl standing with crossed arms
Source: Library of Congress – American Memory
and to the republic...
What are the people in
this picture doing?
These people are voting.
Why do people vote?
*A republic is a country where
people are free to vote and
choose their leaders.
Barnesville, Maryland. A citizen leaving the voting booth at the community hall where he has just cast his vote in the general election.
Source: Library of Congress – American Memory
for which it stands…
*The flag stands for our country and
the freedom we have in our country.
Old glory
Source: Library of Congress – American Memory
One nation under God…
We are all part of the same nation or country.
We are one group of people.
Source: Microsoft Office Clipart
*If something is indivisible, it cannot be divided into parts.
Is this circle divided into parts?
How many parts do you see?
The circle is divided into 4 equal parts
Is this triangle divided into parts?
Can the triangle be divided into parts?
Yes, the triangle can be divided into parts.
Is it divided into equal or unequal parts?
The rectangle is divided into unequal parts.
Unlike the circle and the triangle, our country
cannot be divided into parts at all.
Even though we have 50 states, all 50 states are part of our
country, the United States of America.
Our country is indivisible because it cannot be divided. Each
state is part of our whole country.
with liberty…
Do you have any idea what liberty means?
*Liberty means freedom.
Can you think of any freedoms we have in our country?
How does this picture represent freedom in our country?
First Presbyterian Church and manse
Source: Library of Congress – American Memory
What are the people in this picture doing?
Where do you think they might be?
How does this represent freedom in our country?
Four adults and six children, from Passaic, N.J., picket the White House following President Coolidge's refusal to listen to their complaints about wage
cuts in the textile industry.
and justice...
What do you think justice is?
*Justice is fairness.
Can you think of a time when you were treated fairly?
What about a time when you were treated unfairly?
What kind of building do you think this is?
This is a courthouse.
What happens at a courthouse?
How does a courthouse represent fairness
in our country?
Courthouse, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska. Erected in 1890.
Source: Library of Congress – American Memory
for all.
What is different about the people in these two pictures?
There is something very much alike about the people in these pictures and
where they live.
Can you guess what it is?
Freedom and fairness, or liberty and justice, is for everyone who lives in
our country. The words “for all” mean everyone - young people, old
people, short people tall people. It means me, and it means you!
Left: Children Beside School Bus Right: Citizens of Vale, Oregon take off their hats during the Pledge of Allegiance (radio program) on the Fourth of July.
Source of Images: Library of Congress – American Memory
Use the words below to answer the questions.
1. Which word means promise?
2. Which word means joined together?
3. Which word means a country where
people choose their leaders?
4. Which word means freedom?
5. Which word means cannot be divided into
6. Which word means fairness?
Now that we have learned the meaning of the Pledge
of Allegiance, you are going to tell what the pledge
means to you.
In your journal, write two complete sentences to tell what the
Pledge of Allegiance means to you. Be sure to begin your
sentences with capital letters and end with periods. Then draw
a picture to show what you have written.
Image Source: Microsoft Office Clipart
Click on the speaker to go to the
Library of Congress and hear the
“True to the flag march” performed by the United States
Marine Band
Images Source: Microsoft Office Clipart
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