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Loading Addins In Excel 2007 - National Institutes of Health

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Loading Addins In Excel 2007
and RServer
1. Click on the Microsoft �Office’ button on the top left corner of the Excel menu.
2. Then, select the “Excel Options” button on the bottom right.
Excel Options
3. Click on “Trust Center”
4. Then click on “Trust Center Settings”
Trust Center
5. Choose the “Macro Settings” from the left hand panel.
6. Check “Enable all macros” and “Trust access to VBA project.”
7. Click the “OK” button.
Marco Settings
8. Choose the “Add-ins” option from the left hand tab.
9. Click “BRB-ArrayTools” on the Active or Inactive application add-in.
10. Hit the “Go” button down at the bottom.
Add-Ins Tab
11. Check all the three “Add-ins”, BRB-ArrayTools, RServer and CGHTools.
12. Then click OK.
Note: if any one is not listed in the Add-ins box, browse for the files.
13. Click on the Browse from the Add-ins button.
The default path for the BRB-ArrayTools add-in is:
C:\Program Files\ArrayTools\ArrayTools\Excel\ArrayTools.xla
Browse for ArrayTools
Select the “ArrayTools” and click “OK”.
Select ArrayTools
To include the RServer add-in, select the browse button again.
The default path for the RServer add-in is:
C:\Program Files\ArrayTools\Excel\RServer.xla
Then click “OK”.
Select RServer
To include the CGHTools add-in, select the browse button again.
The default path for the BRB-CGHTools add-in is:
C:\Program Files\CGHTools\Excel\CGHTools.xla
Then click “OK”.
Browse and Select CGHTools
If you don’t see the “Add-ins” ribbon along side “Home Insert…Review
View” panel at the top then please close Excel and re-start.
Check Add-Ins
On clicking on Add-Ins tab, all the three Add-Ins should be listed there
namely: ArrayTools, CGHTools and RServer add-ins.
For additional details please refer to the “ReadMe” file located under
the “ArrayTools” installation folder.
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