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2007 Sport Clubs Leadership Workshop

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Sport Club
Workshop Fall 2012
Weight Room Information
• For all sport clubs, there is a Weight Room available for
use in the basement of the ASRFC.
• The equipment has been updated!
• If you haven’t done a Weight Room training session with a
personal trainer please schedule one with Tyler.
• To access the weight room, you must obtain an OMNI lock
• OMNI Code setup: Apply IN PERSON in the Sport Club Office
with the tech staff.
Weight Room Schedule
Facility Schedules
Both indoor & outdoor listed in alphabetical order
Facility Schedule
Facility Schedule
Facility Schedule
Risk Management
• Sport Club Officers, Club members, and
Coaches/Instructors should always
emphasize safety during all Club
• Each member must sign the liability
waiver through KU
• Develop and practice safety guidelines
relevant to your sport.
• Encourage all members of your
organization to carry personal health
• Each club should become familiar with
accident and liability insurance available
through the national associations
governing their sport.
Risk Management
• Inspect fields, facilities, and equipment prior to
every practice session, game, or special event.
• Report unsafe conditions to the Sport Club
Supervisor on duty immediately.
Field Inspections
Risk Management
•Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are not allowed in
or on University facilities at Club activities.
•Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs should not be
consumed or transported in vehicles traveling to or from
a contest.
•Participants, instructors, coaches, and spectators will
not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages or illegal
drugs while participating in the Sport Club Program or at
an event.
•Refer to alcohol policy in SC handbook
Alcohol Policies
Risk Management
• Each club is encouraged to have at least one
member become certified in CPR and AED
• CPR dates will be announced through email
• If interested in attending a session, let your sport
club program manager know in advance
CPR Information
Risk Management
• Each club must file an “Accident Report Form,”
Appendix Y, for each accident that may occur
during practice or competition
• Accident forms must be turned in to the Sport
Club Coordinator no later than 3 days after the
• This is very important because you as officers
can be held liable (legally and financially) if there
are problems that arise
Accident Reports
Emergency Procedures
Fire Alarm
• Cease activity and use nearest exit to leave building. Participants can
gather across Watkins Center Drive under the trees. There is no such thing
as a false alarm – we treat all alarms as real until told by Police and Fire
personnel that the building is safe to re-enter.
пЂЄBlood/Chemical Spill
• Cease activity and contact KU Recreation Services staff member on duty
for clean up. Do not clean up the spill on your own!
Water Leak
• Cease activity and report leak to KU Recreation Services staff member on
duty who will then determine cleanup procedures and whether or not
activity can continue.
Power Outage
• Cease activity and follow direction of KU Recreation Services staff members
on duty.
Within KU Facilities
Emergency Procedures
• Participants who stay in the Recreation Center must proceed
to the lowest possible level of the building to a tornado
shelter area: bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms,
conference room (next to administrative office), or anywhere
KU Rec Services staff directs you.
• If at Shenk or other outdoor location, and you are caught in
the open in a tornado, try to find a depression such as a ditch
or culvert to hide in. Lie flat, make as small a target as
possible. If you can, wrap a covering around exposed portions
of your body.
пЂЄStorm Warning
• Cease Activity
Emergency Procedures
пЂЄ Usually closing is associated with cancellation of classes and closure of the
KU Student Recreation Fitness Center.
пЂЄ Inclement weather may or may not be declared at the same time classes
are cancelled. Inclement weather for the Lawrence campus is determined
by the Provost’s Office.
пЂЄ If inclement weather is declared during the normal workday from 8am to
5pm, HR/EO starts a campus �calling tree’ to notify departmental contacts
that inclement weather has been declared. Often emails are sent to
departmental contacts, too.
пЂЄ If inclement weather is declared outside the normal workday from 8am to
5pm, the declaration will be announced via area news media (after
5:45a.m.), the inclement weather line (864-SNOW after 6a.m.), the KU
website, and the Information Center (864-3506).
пЂЄ Note: this is for more severe weather not just rain that makes the fields
Inclement Weather
Disciplinary Procedures
Missed Sport Club Council Meetings
Failure to attend a sport club council meeting or
leadership workshop will result in the following:
• 1st meeting: $25 fine from Restricted Fee
Account/SOFAS & verbal/written reprimand
• 2nd meeting: $100 fine & suspension of club
activities until meeting is made up
• 3rd meeting: Loss of club recognition
(As written in the KU Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities)
пЂЄ An offense against a person is committed when a
student: Engages in hazing of another person for the
purpose of initiation or admission into, affiliation
with, or continuation of membership in any
organization operating under the sanction of the
Hazing, continued
пЂЄ Hazing includes, but is not limited to, any action, activity or
situation which recklessly, negligently or intentionally
endangers the mental or physical health, welfare or safety of a
person, creates excessive fatigue, mental or physical
discomfort, exposes a person to extreme embarrassment or
ridicule, involves personal servitude, or substantially interferes
with the academic requirements or responsibilities of a
It is presumed that hazing is a forced activity regardless of the
apparent willingness of an individual to participate in the activity.
Weapons Policy
 Only “mock” or practice weapons can be used during
Sport club practice times. Under no circumstances
can real weapons be brought into the ASRFC or to any
Sport Club practice, competition, or special event.
Only approved “weapons” will be allowed during
practice times. The following are “mock” weapons
approved for Sport Club practices.
Approved – subarito, bokken, tanto, jo, wooden gun,
shainai, sai, aikiken, aikijo, fencing foil, epee, saber
Inventory Check-Out
• Please schedule an appointment with your
program manager before coming to check-out
• You are only allowed to get equipment from
Kendall or Mykala
• If you are still missing equipment from last year
you will be unable to check-out equipment this
year until it is returned or replaced
Sport Clubs Equipment Available to
пЂЄ1 KU Recreation Services
Sport Club Banner
пЂЄ1 digital Video camera
пЂЄ1 Hi 8 Video camera
пЂЄ3 video camera tripods
пЂЄ2 100 ft. extension cords
пЂЄ2 digital 35mm camera
пЂЄ1 professional style 35 mm
camera with flash and zoom
пЂЄFirst aid kits
пЂЄFolding Chairs
пЂЄ3 Line Painters
пЂЄField paint
пЂЄ7 Water Coolers
пЂЄ3 Portable Tables
пЂЄ2 Portable Tent/Canopy
пЂЄ1 Trailer
пЂЄ3 Garmin GPS Navigation
Sidewalk Chalking
• Clubs must be registered with SILC in order to chalk
• Only water-soluble, dry stick chalk is allowed. Any
other chalk will be removed at the expense of the club
• Clubs may potentially lose SILC member status if
chalking policies are violated
• Chalking on covered sidewalks, stairways, curbs,
stair risers, brick surfaces, on buildings, benches,
planters, trash containers, pillars, any vertical
surfaces, or anything other than pavement/concrete
is not permitted
Office Conduct
•Sport Club computers, printer, fax
machine, phones, and copier available for
use (temporary location & procedure)
•Be courteous to other sport club
members and Rec Center staff while
•No one is allowed to cut through the
downstairs office to get upstairs. You
must swipe your KU ID (or finger print) in
order to gain access to the Recreation
Center and the upstairs office.
Office Suite Information
п‚— To use the Sport Club Office Suite, one must swipe their
KUID card at the Welcome Center ID check station. Only
current KU students will be allowed to use the office suite. If
a student has not purchased a membership during summer
sessions, the use of the office suite must be approved by
either the Sport Club Coordinator or the club’s designated
Program Manager.
п‚— Office hours: 9am-5pm, weekdays only
п‚— OMNI lock codes
п‚— If you wish to have an OMNI lock code to enter both the
office suite AND sport club weight room, email your sport
club program manager
Scheduling Meeting Space
• When requesting a meeting space please use
the new appendices form (listed online).
• Must be turned in at least 2 weeks in advance
• When requesting a space for an event, please
notify the sport club staff at least 1 month in
advance. Larger events will require more
advanced notice.
Adams Campus Challenge Course
For Adams Campus Challenge
The Challenge course can come to you! Contact
Outdoor Pursuits if you would like to set up a time
at the ASRFC.
• Remember that if you need anything for practice or
games at Shenk please ask us first.
• While out at Shenk the SC Supervisor, Intramural
Supervisor, or special events personnel on duty will
be your point of contact.
пЂЄ IMPORTANT: Shenk fields will close mid November
Coaching IDs and Student IDs
• For teams that practice in the Rec Center and have a
coach, please fill out a coach’s application to get an id
made for your coach to enter the building.
• All coaches’ ids from last year have expired.
• Don’t forget YOUR OWN Student ID to get into the
ASRFC every time you use the facility. Simply being a
Sport Club member does NOT grant you entry to the
• Administrative Office hours: 8am-6pm
Upcoming Forms Due
Officer’s List
Request for Renewal of Recognition
Facility Agreement Form
SILC Registration
Schedule of games/events
Rec Liability Waivers
• New constitution guide – every club is to rewrite their
• Budget
Exec Board
It will consist of 5 student members
Serve on the Rec advisory board
Approve/Deny supplemental requests
Appeal board for discipline from clubs
Sounding board for policy review
If you are interested contact your program manager
Next meeting you will give a 1-3 minute speech and elections will be
SOFAS Withdrawal Change
пЂЄ We now require TWO signatures for
EVERY withdrawal from a Club’s SOFAS
пЂЄ Each club needs to submit a new SOFAS
signature form (with at least 2 authorized
Miscellaneous Items
пЂЄ Updated Contact Info for the website if needed
 Officers List note: You do NOT need your Advisor’s signature, just that
person’s information.
пЂЄ Registrar Verification Forms: Please give about 2 weeks notice before any
deadlines. DO NOT drop forms off at the Registrar, bring the forms to us.
пЂЄ Marketing Opportunities at the ASRFC
• There are two video boards that you can advertise for your club on,
send us a message if you would like to use them. Tell us who, what,
when, and where and we will get it put up.
Upcoming Important Dates
Officers Lists, Facility Agreement, & Coaching Applications Due
Deadline to register with SILC
Budget/Constitution Due
Supplemental Request Hearing/Exec Board
Requests Due:
Sport Club Council Meeting
Finalized Budget/Constitution
Executive Board Elections
Fall Semester Schedules Due
Fri 9/6/13
Sat 9/15/13
Wed 9/18/13
Wed 9/25/13
Fri 9/20/13
Wed 9/25/13
Wed 9/25/13
Wed 9/25/13
Fri 9/27/13
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