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Expriences of Demand Responsive Transport System (DRTS) in

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Experiences of Demand
Responsive Transport System
(DRTS) in KeskiUusimaa/Finland
Basis of Keski-Uusimaa DRTS
• service is available even for one
customer’s request
• traffic dispatch centre (TDC) tries
to put several passengers one
• service is part of the scheduled PT
DRTS basis in Keski-Uusimaa
Passengers can choose free:
– their place of departure and
destination in the operation
– time of the departure during
the operation time
If scheduled PT is available,
passenger has to use it
3. Dispatcher tries to
combine the trips and
agrees the suitable
departure time with the
Operational criteria in KeskiUusimaa
Authorities decide the regulation of the system:
• The trip must be booked at least 3 hours in
advance before the wanted departure time
– For handicapped persons the pre booking time is 2 hours
• Dispatcher can change the departure time +/- 35
• TDC is open
– Mo – Fri. 6.00 – 20.00
– Sa
8.00 – 16.00
• Trips can be made:
– Mo – Fri 5.30 – 22.00
– Sa
8.00 – 18.00
• Passenger pays in the vehicle
– Price is lower than taxi price and higher than bus ticket
DRTS concept in KeskiUusimaa area
-Choice of vehicles:
The nearest suitable
Booking: phone, SMS, email
Operations made in KeskiUusimaa/Nurmijärvi
1. Cut down routes which have only few
passengers and focus to main routes
1. Today we need 34 buses for bus lines
2. Before we had 48 buses for bus lines
2. From areas which are out of scheduled
bus services, is dogging system to buses
with DRTS
3. Results
1. Better service to passengers
2. Better economy to bus lines
3. Municipalities save money, when it is paying
only the trips which are needed
Bus lines today – bus lines before
Advantages to the
passengers in the DRTS
• people can make their trips, when it is
suitable for them, not only when the bus
or train is scheduled to go by
• equal public transport services for all
• the level of public transport service is
better compared to the traditional
scheduled bus and train system
Advantages for the
municipalities and authorities
• DRTS brings the equality of PT to all citizens
• DRTS gives better service for less money in PT
than today especially in rural areas
• Cut down of special transport costs (for
disabled and elderly)
• Cut down of administrative work
• Diminished cheating of social money
Advantages when TDC responsible
for all operations
• Authorities have only one
partner, who has the
responsibility of all operations
-> easy to tender
-> easy to negotiate for the
• Forces to more and more
economic operation -> cheaper
price to the authorities
• Quality can easily be controlled
and is good
Demands for the TDC
1. Cost-effective operation
in the TDC
2. All information should be
given to the passenger
during the first call
3. The call should be as
short as possible
4. Digital map is optional
5. Easy and reliable
connection between
TDC and vehicles
6. Software is flexible
Demands for the Software
1. Easy to operate for the dispatchers
– The dispatchers should be involved in
2. Concept and software must be developed all
the time
3. Software must allow the concept development.
Easy to modify for different kinds of operations.
4. Can be used to different kinds of transportation
(and other) operations.
5. Can handle fast a lot of passengers if needed
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