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MetaLib/SFX and Public Libraries - The National Library of Finland

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The National Library of Finland
MetaLib/SFX and
Public Libraries
Jukka Pennanen & Leena Salminen
The National Library of Finland
3.9.06 IGeLU Stockholm, Sweden
The National Library of Finland
Consortia in Finland
3 sectors using MetaLib/SFX:
university, polytechnic and public libraries
64 portals (MetaLib instances)
20 university (19 live)
29 polytechnic (18 live 2006 )
15 public (5 live 2006)
0 special libraries 2006
5 SFX instances (3-5 institutions each)
The National Library of Finland
Public libraries’ sector
19 regional libraries (Aland Islands excluded)
431 municipalities (2006)
Implementation administered and steered by
regional libraries
Working groups in libraries: project managers,
resource experts, librarians
Meetings with project managers ~4/year
Domestic training, mailing lists, help files
Trainees work as local trainers in libraries
The National Library of Finland
Regional portals
Started in 2005
1 MetaLib installation, 15 instances
5 SFX instances
Pohjanportti: 3 regional libraries
Pohjalaisten Nelli: 3 regional libraries
Rest have their own MetaLib instances
5 SFX shared instances (3в€’5/SFX)
1 MetaLib/SFX server for all libraries
1 regional portal has applied authentication against the
patron database of their library system
The rest are waiting some solution to authentication?
The National Library of Finland
Distribution of work
between libraries and Nelli office
Based on the agreement of services
Each regional library approves and signs it
Regional libraries work for the libraries in the province
Regional libraries work with libraries in the province
To add local licensed resources to the portal
To train them to use the local portal
How to make local resources compatible with MetaLib?
Nelli office
Maintains the Nelli server
Updates software and knowledgebases
Works with central domestic configurations (FinELib licensed)
The National Library of Finland
Problems and challenges
Not enough manpower and skills
Lack of MetaLib compatible local resources
Lack of configuration for the local resources
Challenge: to develop a portal especially
addressed to public libraries’ customers
Locally/regionally profiled portal (e.g. sub
The National Library of Finland
Participate in developing of national library
portal services and e-services generally
Public libraries do not be a separate from
other libraries and their e-services’
The National Library of Finland
MetaLib for public libraries in
Four portals for public libraries
Pohjanportti, Pirkanmaan Nelli, Varsinais-Suomi,
Pohjanportti = three regional libraries together
Varsinais-Suomi = 53 public (municipal) libraries,
Pirkanmaa = population 500 000, a web service
with 33 libraries with two different ILS, long
traditions of regional cooperation
The National Library of Finland
Portals in regional libraries
The National Library of Finland
Experiences from libraries
Training as a challenge…
How libraries did it?
How many were trained?
Problems, challenges
The National Library of Finland
Training as a challenge…
Training of library staff was started before the
portals were in production
Development / usability ideas from the staff?
(From patrons?)
Self-made training materials (shared materials)
based on training materials provided by Nellioffice
Experienced trainers in all regions (in the first
phase trained by Nelli-office)
Patrons have not been trained yet!
The National Library of Finland
How libraries did it?
1,5-3 hours training sessions
Basics in searching
Hands on
Summary, development, problems
Visions, discussion
Brush ups, workshops
Continuing local training
The National Library of Finland
How many were trained?
Pohjanportti: 50 training sessions for 515 library
professionals of 645 totally in the region
Varsinais-Suomi : 81 + 41 + 14 (training on site
in libraries in small groups)
Pirkanmaa started training for staff two years
before production, 1/3 had been trained when
portal was opened
The National Library of Finland
Problems, challenges
Metalib was experienced complicated
Lack of searchable databases that are suitable
for public libraries
Lack of licenced databases for public libraries
Configurations for free materials?
Small public libraries miss the expertise
LS not necessarily standardized – costs for
libraries to integrate local resources
Technical problems (more than expected)
The National Library of Finland
Consistency (search interface, search results)
Tailoring, customizing (not easy though)
Can replace link/database lists
Descriptions of databases are useful
Possibility to use effective search techniques
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