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Новый взгляд на дуальную симметрию в
классической электродинамике и
магнитный монополь в проекте ATLAS
Ю.А. Курочкин
As is well known in September 1909 R.A. Milikan discovered the
quantization of electric charge by carrying out famous water drop
More seventy years ago has raised again a question about
existence of the isolated magnetic charge, presently known as the
Dirac magnetic monopole. Since then there were many the
theoretical and experimental works devoted to the monopole
problem. However till now this problem is far from end. Because
there are no experimental proofs of the monopole detection and
serious theoretical interdictions for its existence. The incessant
interest to the magnetic monopole problem is based on the three
arguments. The first argument concerns the quantization of electric
e g = n ħc/2 (P.A.M. Dirac, 1931)
Дуальная симметрия
Дуальная симметрия
Дуальная симметрия
Дуальная симметрия
Дуальная симметрия
Two-photon monopole production in MadGraph
Monopole Couplings
In Heaviside-Lorentz units the Dirac change quantization in the
case n=1 becomes:
The definition of the electric charge in terms of the fine-structure α
Generating Events
Two-photon vs Drell-Yan
Implementation into the ATHENA framework
We have implemented the monopole-antimonople production via diphoton
fusion using MadGraph as a generator. The pairs were generated using the
elastic proton-proton scattering (although the simulation may be easily
extended to include the semi-elastic and inelastic production).Using the
generator we showed the production cross-section as a function of the
monopole mass and found it to be consistent with the previous theoretical
calculations. We also plotted a few representative monopole and
antimonopole distributions and found that the bulk of the events fall within
the acceptance of the ATLAS detector. The generated MadGraph events can
be easily incorporated into the ATHENA framework, so that the fully
reconstructed events maybe generated.
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