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Making an Appositive Experience!

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Making an Appositive
What do you notice?
Catherine the Great, my Russian grandma,
is already awake.
-- Cari Best, Three Cheers for Catherine the Great! (2003)
Why use appositives?
Sometimes when we write, we want to
add new information without creating a
new sentence.
For example…
Clementine is funny.
She is in third grade.
She lives in New York.
Clementine, a funny
third grader, lives in
New York.
Let’s ask ourselves, what is being
Avon, a rather small snail, read a book
every day.
So what is an appositive??
• noun or pronoun -- often with modifiers -set beside another noun or pronoun to
explain or identify it
Keith, the boy in rumpled shorts and
shirt, did not know he was being
watched as he entered room 215 of the
Mountain View Inn.
Placement of appositives
• An appositive phrase usually follows the
word it explains or identifies, but it may
also precede it.
So let’s practice using
appositives пЃЉ
• I watched her playing ladushky with
Mimmo so he wouldn’t cry.
• Ladushky is a clapping song.
• The clapping song is Russian.
When do we use punctuation?
• Remember non-essential clauses/phrases?
– Commas
• When there is an essential information
contained in the appositive, then you don’t
need commas.
Give One – Get One Game
1. Every person has a game card.
2. You must share three appositive sentences with
three different people.
3. You must have three sentences from three
different people, and you must share three
different appositive sentences from your own
4. After you receive a sentence from someone,
write that person’s name underneath the
5. You have 4 minutes to accomplish this mission!
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