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Dragon Boat Festival and Mid

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Dragon Boat
Festival and Midautumn Festival
The Introduction of the
Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on the fifth
day of the fifth month according to the Chinese
calendar. This year is on the next Saturday. There are
many legends about the evolution of the festival, the
most popular of which is in commemoration QuYuan.
Today, Dragon Boat Festival in the Chinese people is still a very
popular grand festival. Country attaches great importance to the
protection of intangible cultural heritage, May 20, 2006, the State
Council approved the inclusion of the folk first batch of national
intangible cultural heritage
The origins of Dragon Boat
Qu Yuan, a famous poet, served as minister to
the Zhou Emperor. A wise and articulate man,
he was loved by the common people. He did
much to fight against the rampant corruption
that plagued the court-- thereby earning the
envy and fear of other officials. Therefore,
when he urged the emperor to avoid conflict
with the Qin Kingdom, the officials pressured
the Emperor to have him removed from service.
In exile, he traveled, taught and wrote for
several years. Hearing that the Zhou had been
defeated by the Qin, he fell into despair and
threw himself into the Milou River on the fifth
day of the fifth month. People were sad over
the patriotic poet's death. They tossed rice and
meat into the river to feed the fish, which
would protect Qu's body.
The introduction of the
Mid-autumn Festival
Mid-autumn festival celebrations
date back more than 2000years.In
ancient times, Chinese emperors
prayed to heaven for a prosperous
year. They chose the morning of
the 15th day of the second lunar
month to worship the sun and the
evening of the 15th day of the
eighth lunar month to hold a
ceremony in praise of the moon
The origins of Mid-autumn
Mid-autumn festival celebrations date back more
than 2000 years.In ancient times,Chinese emperors
prayed to heaven for a prosperous year.They chose
the morning of the 15th day of the second lunar
month to worship the sun and the evening of the
15th day of the eighth lunar month to hold a
ceremony in praise of the moon
Poem about moon
--- 水调歌头
How long will the full moon appear?
ж�Ћжњ€е‡ ж—¶жњ‰пјџ
Wine cup in hand, I ask the sky.
But rare is perfect happiness--the moon does wax, the
moon does wane, and so men meet and say goodbye.
I only pray our life be long,
And our souls together heavenward fly!
The Contract Between
Dragon Boat Festival and
Mid-autumn Festival
The Culture of Zongzi
An essential food of the Dragon Boat Festival.
It is said that people ate them in the Spring and
Autumn Period (770-476 BC).
Now the fillings are more diversified, including
jujube and bean paste, fresh meat, and ham and egg
people will soak glutinous rice, wash reed leaves and
wrap up zongzi themselves. Otherwise, they will go
to shops to buy whatever stuff they want.
The custom of eating zongzi is now popular in North
and South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian nations.
Dragon Boat Race
An indispensable part of the
festival, held all over the country
As the gun is fired, people will see
racers in dragon-shaped canoes
accompanied by rapid drums,
speeding toward their destination.
Folk tales say the game originates
from the activities of seeking Qu
Yuan's body.
Experts conclude that dragon boat
racing is a semi-religious, semientertaining program from the
Warring States Period (475-221
Other activities
Hanging Mugwort plant.
Wearing perfume pouch.
Drinking realgar wine.
•Those things can protect people
from evil and disease and bring
good luck for the rest of the year.
Hanging Calamus and Moxa
Hang calamus and moxa (oriental
plants) on the front door
This is also to ward off evil.
Spice Bag
Carry the small spice bag around with you, it not
only drives away evil spirits but also brings
fortune and happiness to those who wear it.
The small bags are hand-made by local
They're made with red, yellow, green and blue
silk, fine satin or cotton. Figures of animals,
flowers and fruits are often embroidered onto
the bags and inside are mixed Chinese herbal
Realgar Wine
It is a very popular practice to
drink this kind of Chinese liquor
seasoned with realgar at the
Dragon Boat Festival.
This is for protection from evil
and disease for the rest of the year.
In one word, all of the activities
are to protect themselves from
evil and honor the poet Qu Yuan
Drinking realgar wine
It is said that, on the day of Qu
Yuan’s death, an old practitioner of
Chinese medicine poured a jar of
realgar wine into the Miluo River,
supposedly to make drunk the dragon
and other aquatic animals which
might devour Qu Yuan’s corpse.
Another story says that the Moon God is an old man,
called Yue-Laor who is a match-maker. He ties a red
thread between a man and a woman to make them
a couple, even before they were born.
Therefore, youth would like to do a worship
ceremony on the festival day to wish the Yue-Laor
could arrange the best marriage partners for them.
Girls may also beg Chang-E to make them also so
Chang E 嫦娥
There is a story about the moon-cake. During the
Yuan dynasty (A.D. 1280-1368) China was ruled by the
Mongolian people. Leaders from the preceding Sung
dynasty (A.D. 960-1280) were unhappy at submitting to
the foreign rules, and tried to coordinate the rebellion
without being discovered.
The leaders of the rebellion, knowing that the Moon
Festival was drawing near, ordered people to make
special cakes. the back of each moon cake was a message
about the outline of the attack. On the night of the
Moon Festival, the rebellions successfully attached and
overthrew the government. Therefore, moon cakes are
eaten to commemorate this legend in our life.
On this day,Chinese families get
together.They tell the story about a lady who
lived in the moon.They give each other
small round moon cake.Some moon cakes
have a yellow egg yolk in the middle.The olk
looks like a bright,full moon .
Put the sky lights
Because the Mid-autumn
Festival and Dragon Boat Festival
are the symbolizes reunion. All
family members try to get together
on this special day. Those who can
not return home maybe feel deep
longing for their loved ones.
Both these two festival are Chinese
traditional festival .
They all both popular and important that
celebrated by most of people in China
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