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Autumn / Winter 2012 - Rowlands Castle Surgery

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May 2013
Rowlands Castle Surgery
12 The Green, Rowlands Castle, PO9 6BN
Opening Hours
Contact Details
8:30 – 18:00
8:30 – 18:00
Wednesday 8:30 – 18:00
8:30 – 18:00
8:30 – 18:00
Saturday - Open alternate weekends 8:30 to 12:00
Sunday – Closed
02392 412846
02392 413070
Out of Hours: (18:00-18:30) 02392 412309
Out of Hours: (after 18:30) 111
Telephone Advice – Call 02392 412309 between 8.00
and 8.20 am Monday to Friday. A Dr will call you back.
The New Doctors
Extended Opening Hours
The surgery currently offers some additional
sessions for pre-booked routine appointments.
This service is intended to help patients who
experience difficulty in attending the surgery
during normal working hours.
18:30 – 19:00 Alternate weeks
08:30 – 12:00 Alternate weeks
Full surgery facilities are not available during
these hours – pre booked appointments only.
Phones will be open for general enquires.
Patient Participation Group
Our patient group meets once a year to
discuss any surgery issues. Throughout
the year we may send emails and ask for
members opinions. If you would like to join
the group either ask for an application form
at reception or email
Travel Vaccinations
If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign
travel you need to make an appointment to
discuss travel arrangements – including countries
and areas you are planning to visit.
Please book an appointment at least 6 weeks
before you travel as a second appointment may
then be required to actually receive the
Some travel vaccines are ordered on a private
prescription and incur a charge over and above
the normal prescription charge.
Dr Pippa Cox joined us in November 2012 and Dr Joe
Webb in January 2013. They have settled in with the
team at Rowlands very well and we have had very
good feedback from patients so far.
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the
independent regulator of all health and social care
services in England. Their job is to make sure that
care provided by general medical practices and
other care providers meets national standards of
quality and safety. The national standards cover all
aspects of care, Practices will be inspected by the
CQC in the next few years and they will produce a
report on our services. When you visit the surgery
you may be asked to speak to an inspector and give
your opinion on our performance both clinically and
Change of personal details
In case we have to contact you urgently, please
notify us immediately if your address or telephone
number changes.
Text Messages
We are planning to send appointment reminders and some test
results via a text message. This is designed to reduce the
number of appointments missed and we hope will be
convenient for our patients.
If you have not already given us your mobile number and you
would like to receive messages for this service please let the
receptionist know.
Don’t forget to let us know if you change your number.
If we already have your number and you would prefer not to
receive messages by text please let us know so we can make
a note on your records.
You can order your repeat prescriptions online by going to –
You will need a pin number and access ID which you can get from reception.
Please allow at least 2 full working days before collecting your repeat prescription.
We are not able to take prescription requests over the phone.
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