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Autumn 13 Finance Groups

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Autumn Finance Groups
Funding Update
Ian Hamilton
Schools & PVI
Autumn Finance Groups
Funding Update
Chris Scott
Schools & PVI
School Funding Reforms 2014/15
Pupil Premium Changes
PE & Sport Grant
Year 7 Catch-up
Universal Free School Meals
Mandatory Changes to the Funding
• From 2014/15 the pupil led factors must distribute
at least 80% of the schools block of the Dedicated
Schools Grant (DSG)
– Kent already distributes approximately 89% by this
• There will be a new Post 16 representative on the
School Funding Forum
Factor 1 – Basic Entitlement
• From 2014/15 there will be a minimum rate of
ВЈ2,000 for primary pupils and ВЈ3,000 for
secondary pupils
– The 2013/14 rates in Kent already exceed this
threshold at ВЈ2,727, ВЈ3,788 and ВЈ4,157
Factor 3 – Looked After Children
• Currently this factor can count pupils who have
been looked after for 1 day, 6 months or 12
• From 2014/15 the only permissible option will be 1
– Kent has already implemented this factor using the 1
day measure
Factor 4 – Low Cost, High Incidence SEN
• Primary
– Pupils will now be counted if they either have a score
of 78 and below OR a judgement of less than good
– Unclear what impact this may have on the total
• Secondary
• Pupils will now be counted if they have achieved
less than a level 4 at KS2 in EITHER Maths or
– This will significantly increase the number of pupils
counted and will affect the rate each pupil attracts
Factor 6 – Lump Sum
• Schools which amalgamate will receive 85% of the
two previous lump sums until the end of the
financial year after the one in which they
Discretionary Changes to the Funding
• The DFE has announced two new optional factors
and changed the rules for the Lump Sum and
Mobility Factors
Factor 6 – Lump Sum
• The DfE have removed the requirement that the
Lump Sum is the same for both Primary and
Secondary schools
– Analysis of the modelling completed for Kent supports
the current rate of ВЈ120k for all schools and so this
freedom will not be exercised
• The maximum permissible Lump Sum has been
reduced to ВЈ175k
– Still substantially more than the level set in Kent
• There is an optional Mobility factor
– Measured by counting in year admissions
• Last year it was decided not to use this factor and
there is no intention to introduce it in 2014/15 in
• However whereas all schools could previously be
funded for any level of mobility, in 2014/15 at least
10% of the school pupils would have to be
considered mobile before funding could be
Sparsity Factor
• The DfE have created an optional Sparsity Factor
– Schools which meet the criteria are deemed
�necessary small schools’ and can then attract funding
– Primary schools must have less than 150 pupils and
secondary schools less than 600 pupils
– Primary schools must have a sparsity distance of
greater than 2 miles secondary schools greater than 3
• Sparsity distance is the mean distance that the
pupils for whom this is their closest school would
have to travel to the next nearest school
Sparsity Factor
• This factor will not be included in the Kent formula
– Few of the many small schools in Kent actually meet
the criteria
– The schools that do meet the criteria generally
benefitted already from the new formula so it is
questioned whether this is needed in Kent
– Could be considered arbitrary and unfair
Schools with Falling Rolls / Spare
• The DfE have allowed authorities to set aside a
�small budget’ for schools in a very specific set of
– The school must be below capacity in a situation
where there is evidence that the capacity will be
needed within the medium term to meet rising
– The school must be rated as Good or Outstanding by
• The school could then receive funding for the
empty capacity
Schools with Falling Rolls / Spare
• This will not be implemented in Kent
– Difficult to measure whether or not there is evidence
that the capacity will be needed or when
– Difficult to measure how much empty capacity
becomes a budgetary issue for the school
– Requirement to be Good or Outstanding will exclude
many of the schools in this situation
Pupil Premium - Deprivation
• There has been an announcement that the
primary ever 6 rate will increase to ВЈ1300
• A separate announcement suggested that the
secondary rate would be ВЈ935
• These rates have not yet been documented
• There has been no explanation of the rationale for
introducing separate rates
Pupil Premium – Looked After Children
• Government has announced a £1000 increase in
the Pupil Premium for LAC
• Now anticipate a rate of £1900 in 2014/15
• It is possible that we may move to fund this using
three counts per year rather than the current one
Year 7 Catch Up Premium
• We have received a number of queries about this
but have no information at this time
PE & Sport Grant
• Allocations and Conditions of Grant are both on
Kent Trust Web
• Lump Sum element has been calculated
incorrectly, DFE advises that this will be corrected
but we don’t know when
• Some questions over pupil numbers which we are
trying to resolve
PE& Sport Grant
• Should be £8,000 plus £5 per eligible pupil
• 65% now then 35% in next financial year as
Additional Grant for Schools uses school year not
financial year
• Is ring fenced for Sport provision
• Schools must report on their website what their
allocation is and how it is being spent
Universal Free School Meals
• Government has announced intention to provide
free school meals for all KS1 pupils
• There has been no detailed announcement about
how this will be funded
• Some issues which could arise are:
– Kitchen capacity
– Identifying FSM as defined for Pupil Premium
– Lack of time to prepare
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