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Autumn 1 Dinosaurs 2014 - Crossacres Primary School

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TASC-To create a dinosaur world with plants
Pupils should be taught to
•Observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature
•Find out and describe how plants need water, light, suitable
temperature to grow and stay healthy.
Additional information
Label different parts of a plant.
-To complete a bean diary
-What do plants need to grow
-Investigate and name different plants
-Observe and identify different plants in local area
PE – Dance –Dinosaur rumpous book about dinosaurs
п‚·Perform dances using simple movement patterns.
п‚· to explore space on the spot and travelling in different directions.
Forwards/backwards and side ways. Consolidate contrasting
movement qualities e.g. strong with light fast with slow e.g. floating,
Additional information
To use a dinosaur rumpous book to create a dino dance from the
P.E. - Gym
Master basic movements including running jumping, throwing and
catching as well as develop balance, agility and co-ordination and
begin to apply these in a range of activities.
Additional information
To perform the basic actions and apply key safety principles. To
perform the basic actions with individuality.
P.E. - Games
Participate in team games develop simple tactics for defending and
To play safely with a partner using a range of equipment. To make
up a travelling game with a partner using a small ball.
Autumn 1
Narrative unit 1. Poetry unit 1-Patterns on a
page -Shape poems, repetitive patterns.
Repetitive poems linked to dinosaurs.
Riddles on a dinosaur (2 weeks)
Recount (1 week) Trip to Manchester Museum to be
Guided Reading- Stones and Bones comprehension L3.
Fiction (1 week) A magic adventure story to dinosaur land e.g.
Fizz Kid Liz and ORT land of the dinosaurs
Non-Fiction (2 weeks) Information book on dinosaurs.
R.E: The Natural World –
New Life
To reflect on who they have
to thank.
To know that festivals are
occasions for celebrating key
To know that it is natural to
feel sad when living things
To understand the concept
of new life.
To know about the Christian
festival of Easter and its
TASC- To create own dinosaur as a collage.
•To use a range of materials creatively to design and make products.
•To develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour,
pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.
Additional information
To research different dinosaurs
To investigate which materials needed for skin, feathers, scales, fur.
To be able to join materials in different ways.
To make the dinosaur collage.
To evaluate the dinosaur collage and improve.
п‚·New Beginnings
TASC- To find out about how the weather affected the dinosaurs and how they
became extinct.
Pupils should be taught to•Identify daily and seasonal weather patterns in the uk and the location of hot
and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator and north and south
Additional Information
•To collect weather data for the local area for a week.
•To investigate how the weather affected the children- what they wore e.g
jumper or t-shirt.
•To locate and name hot and cold areas of the world.
•To analyse the effect of the weather on the people who live there.
•To research how the weather made the dinosaurs extinct- only a theorynobody there.
-Measure footprints/plants.
-Graph of how tall plants grown.
-Word problems linking to dinosaurs.
-Weather data (data handling)
Autumn 1 2014
Tasc- Can we move the turtle/dinosaur around Jurrasic Park
enter and store information in a variety of forms [for example, storing
information in a prepared database, saving work]
п‚·how to select from and add to information they have retrieved for
particular purposes. How to plan and give instructions to make things
happen [for example, programming a floor turtle, placing instructions in the
right order] review what they have done to help them develop their ideas
п‚·describe the effects of their actions
п‚·talk about what they might change in future work.
Breadth of Study
exploring a variety of ICT tools [for example, floor turtle, word
processing software, adventure game]
talking about the uses of ICT inside and outside school
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