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Pencil Case Production - Textiles – Introduction To Sewing

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Pencil Case Production
Yr 7 Textiles
Cutting and marking out your
fabric pieces:
• Cut one piece of material 50 cm x 40cm
Ruling up your pattern pieces:
• Using tailors chalk, rule a line down the
middle of your material. This will give you
two sections 25cm x40cm.
Ruling up your pattern pieces:
• On one piece rule another line 10cm from
the edge. Show the teacher your marked
sections before cutting.
Ruling up your pattern pieces:
AppliquГ© Design:
• Cut out a pattern of your chosen appliqué
design on paper. It should be no larger than
12cm square.
AppliquГ© Design:
• Place the pattern on to a piece of felt which has
been stabilized with fusible backing paper. Pin it
on then cut out the shape.
AppliquГ© Design
• Peel off paper from felt then place felt Shape
onto your middle sized piece of material
(15cm x 40cm) taking care not to go too close
to the edges.
AppliquГ© Design
• Iron - taking care not to move the iron while it is
on the shape. The shape will adhere to the
AppliquГ© Design
• Satin stitch around the motif. (Stitch length 1/2,
Stitch Width 3-4
Sewing your zip:
• Collect your zip and two tab pieces (4cm x 5cm)
of material. Zig Zag edges of tabs. Hand stitch
ends of zip together.
Sewing your zip:
• With the zip closed, machine stitch tabs (stitch
length 2.5, stitch width 0) to both ends of the zip
right sides together. Open out.
Sewing your zip:
• With right sides of zip facing right side of
material, sew a 1cm seam.
• If zip end is too close to presser foot, leave
needle in, lift presser foot up, undo zip, put
foot down, resume sewing. Repeat for other
side. Press.
Sewing your zip:
• On outside, top stitch using zig-zag or a fancy
stitch close to folded edges.
Constructing the case:
• Open zip. Place front and back right sides
together. Pin and tack. Then sew all the way
around the outside twice with a 1.5cm seam
allowance. Zig zag edges to neaten.
Finishing your work:
• Trim corners and turn through. Press.
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