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Marion County High School Diploma Options for Students

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Marion County High School
Diploma Options for Students
пЃє Three diploma options are available for students at
пЃє 1. Alabama High School Diploma(Standard diploma)
пЃє 2. Alabama High School Diploma with Advanced
Academic Endorsement (Advanced Diploma)
пЃє 3.Occupational Diploma - requires a written IEP. This
diploma option should be discussed with Mrs. Baker
during the IEP meeting
Which Diploma Should You
пЃє What type of grades does your child make now?
пЃє Future career plans - 4 year degree at a major
university, 2-year degree at a community college,
military, or work
пЃє How hard are they willing to work?
What Is Required?
All diploma types require 24 credits
All diploma types require 16 core courses
4 credits of English
4 credits of Math
4 credits of Science
4 credits of Social Science
1 credit of Physical Education
1/2 credit of Health (8th grade Health does not count)
1/2 credit of Fine Arts
1/2 credit of Computer Applications (8th keyboarding does not
пЃє Specific number of electives - depends on diploma type
пЃє Pass the Alabama High School Graduation Exam
Alabama High School
пЃє Known as the standard diploma
пЃє English classes include: 9th English, 10th English, 11th
English, and 12th English
пЃє Math classes include: - Algebra IA, Algebra IB,
Geometry, and Algebraic Connections
пЃє Science classes include: -Survey of Biology, Physical
Science, Environmental Science, and Science
пЃє Social Studies classes include: Modern World History,
Early U.S. History, Modern U.S. History, and
пЃє 1/2 credit of Health - taken in 10th grade with Education
пЃє 1/2 credit of fine arts - music appreciation - taken in 9th grade
Band meets the fine arts requirement
пЃє 1/2 credit of Computer Applications - taken in 9th grade with
Music Appreciation
пЃє 1 credit of Physical Education
пЃє No Foreign Language requirement
пЃє 5 1/2 credits of electives will be required. These include Ag, P.E.,
Computer, Yearbook, Office Aide, Teacher’s Aide, Library Aide,
Career/Tech, and Bevill Tech courses
пЃє Career Tech (TIE classes) or Bevill Tech courses (Electronics,
Drafting, Machine Tool) are encouraged for standard diploma
students in grades 11 and 12
Alabama High School Diploma With
Academic Endorsement
пЃє Known as the advanced diploma
пЃє All classes are considered advanced and will require extra
assignments. Ex. Research papers, reports, extra reading
 Classes will be coded as honor’s classes on the student’s
пЃє Students who choose to take advanced courses will have weight
added to their grade point averages. A student could have
above a 4.0. (Pending board approval)
пЃє Students who think they may play a college sport, must choose
the advanced diploma. This is a must in order to meet NCAA
пЃє Highly encouraged if the student is planning to attend a fouryear college
пЃє Must be on the academic diploma track to have a chance for
Courses Required for the
Advanced Diploma
пЃє English - 9th Advanced English, 10th Advanced English, 11th
Advanced English, AP English
пЃє Math - Algebra I - fast pace, Geometry, Algebra II, and PreCalculus(Algebraic Connections is under consideration, due to
the fact that the course of study has changed.)
пЃє Science - Biology I, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics.
AP Biology may be added back to the schedule and would meet
a required science credit for advanced diploma students
пЃє Social Studies - Advanced World History, Advanced U.S. History
I, Advanced U.S. History II, and Advanced Gov’t/Economics
Spanish I and Spanish II
1/2 credit of Health taken with Driver’s Ed - 10th grade
1/2 credit of Fine Arts - Music Appreciation - 9th grade
1/2 credit of Computer Applications - 9th grade
1 credit of Physical Education
3 1/2 credits of electives - Ag, Athletics, P.E., Yearbook, Library
Assistant, Office Aide, Teacher’s Aide, Computer
пЃє Please note that while a student can decide to drop back to a
standard diploma, due to scheduling issues at small schools,
students cannot decide to jump to the advanced diploma after
beginning the standard route
What You Need to Do Now?
пЃє Talk with your child about all diploma options
пЃє Complete desired four-year plan sheet located in the back of
your packet. You only need to return one sheet.
пЃє Please note this is your four-year plan. No electives have been
filled in. Your child will review these each spring.
пЃє Please note that if any major changes take place, you and your
child will be notified as soon as possible.
пЃє Return the sheet to your first period teacher by Friday, April 28.
A parent’s signature is required and must be on file.
пЃє Any changes to the diploma track requires another parent
Graduation Exam
пЃє All students must pass the graduation exam.
пЃє The test includes the following subjects: English, Language, Math,
Science, Social Studies.
пЃє Each test has a different passing score and will change from time to
пЃє Students who successfully complete Algebra I and/or Biology before
the spring of their tenth grade will have an early opportunity to take
the mathematics and or/science subject test(s). This would be during
the month of September of the tenth grade year. Algebra A students
would not have this opportunity.
пЃє Once a subject test is passed, the student will not have to take that
subject test again.
пЃє Occupational diploma students must attempt the graduation exam
пЃє Tutoring is provided after school and during the summer, but it
is up to the parent/student to schedule this with the tutor.
пЃє Students not passing any part of the exam will be placed in a
review course at school.
пЃє A website is available to MCHS students free of charge. Great
website with practice tests.
пЃє The adult high school diploma is an option for students not
passing the graduation exam by December of the senior year.
This involves taking the GED test. The student and parent will
be asked to come in and discuss this option if it is needed
пЃє Read and sign the blue information sheet in your packet. This
must be on file in your child’s records. This is a legal document.
Return this with your four-year plan.
пЃє The good news - MCHS has an excellent passing rate. Most
students pass on their first try!
Preparing for College and
 Start working now! Start keeping track of your child’s awards in all areas.
Keep a list of academic, sports, church, and community service activities.
 9th grade starts the process for class ranks and GPA’S. Class rank and GPA
are very important for scholarships and entrance into colleges.
пЃє Make sure your child takes the EXPLORE test, the PLAN test, PSAT test and
the ACT test. High scores = good scholarships!
пЃє All students planning to attend college should take the ACT at least once, if
not twice, by the end of the junior year.
пЃє Look for summer activities. MCHS students are told about these programs
all the time! Examples - rural health program at UofA, Boy’s State, Girl’s
State, Alabama Youth Leadership Program,
 Bevill summer’s honor’s scholarships. Some of these programs are
free, some require a fee. Get your child involved in these programs
пЃє Community service -World Changers, Habitat for Humanity,
hospitals, churches, etc. Community service is big for large
scholarships and local scholarships. GET INVOLVED!
пЃє Watch newsletters, e-mails, school website, and listen to school
announcements for information about scholarships, community
service, and special programs
пЃє Remember deadlines!
пЃє A college information meeting will be held during the spring of the
junior year - make sure you attend!
What Will the School Do?
пЃє Each student has a career portfolio and will continue to
add information each year.
 Each student will develop a high school resume’ in 9th
grade. This will be completed with the English teacher
and updated it each year.
пЃє New websites will be introduced to help students add to
their portfolios. Career interest inventories will be taken
each year.
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