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On Writing a Group Analytic Diploma Paper

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On Writing a Diploma Paper
13th. European Symposium in Group Analysis
Molde 11th. August 2005
Thor Kristian Island
Sigmund Karterud
Guidelines and requirements for
the Norwegian diploma paper
• Purpose
– The candidate shall, by the written paper, show that
he/she is able to reflect group analytically regarding
clinical observations, and articulate these reflections
systematically in a written form.
– The paper should demonstrate through the
application of theory on the clinical material that the
candidate has read and comprehended relevant
– The paper must also indicate how the candidate
understands and reflects upon his/her own role as
• The paper must build on material from the group
conducted during the qualifying course
• A general description of the group is recommended
(appendix or table)
• The clinical part should illustrate how the candidate is
working group analytically
– Group process
– Interpretations
– Awareness of transference and countertransference
• The discussion should illustrate how the candidate
understands the total dynamics and structure of the
psychological field
Form and method:
• The candidate must present a problem relevant to the
clinical material
• Theory and literature relevant to the problem must be
• The clinical material must illustrate the problem
• The discussion must demonstrate how the candidate
integrates his understanding of theory in his clinical work
• A final conclusion summing up the theory, the clinical
material and the discussion regarding the problem is
Practical guidelines:
• The paper should be 6000-10 000 words
• The paper should be organised in chapters
a.Problem formulation
b.General description of the group
c.Clinical material with relevant information regarding
Individual participants
Group interactions
Particular group phenomena
Transference/ countertransference themes
Interpretations and interventions
d.Discussion of clinical material in relation to
selected theory and literature
Evaluation: 1=disapproved, 2=approved, 3=excellent
Main impression (style, clarity, academic level)
Problem formulation (clarity, relevance regarding clinical
Presentation of clinical material
Selected literature (relevant or not)
Coherence and integration of problem formulation, literature,
clinical material
Understanding of own role as group analyst (reflections
regarding transference/ countertransference. Use of
scale 1-3
• Training started in 1984
• First candidates finished training 1989
• 1989-2004. 198 candidates have finished
training (five years)
• 109 candidates (55%) have had their
diploma approved
Guidelines from other Institutes in Europe
• The diploma paper must show how the
candidate is able to apply the group analytic
theories and concepts in the practical work with
the group.
• The paper should demonstrate how the
candidate uses and understands interpretations
as well as aspects of transference and
countertransference reactions.
• A description of the group is advocated
• (”appropriate details of the candidate’s
personal life….”)
• There are some differences regarding
assesment procedures
• Some Institutes have time limits for writing
the paper
Challenges for EGATIN?
”Presentation of a clinical paper,
theoretically informed, is an essential
requirement for completing the
EGATIN: Esential Training Standards in
Group Analytic Psychotherapy
Should EGATIN work out
general recommendations for
guidelines and procedures for a
diploma paper?
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